A Brief Genealogy of Being Divinely Human

My morning ritual includes drawing a card from the Trillium Self-Inquiry Deck. This morning, I woke with a return of pain associated with healing from hip replacement over 3 months ago. I could feel the way my being was responding to this pain with disappointment and a slight tinge of bitterness. That’s okay, of course. It’s normal to be disappointed by pain—especially as part of healing. I sat on my cushion and did my morning prayer to the Divine Beings who hear and hold all the suffering of the world, and I asked for succor for myself. Tears came at this point, and vulnerability: a deep knowing that my body is a temporary and aging part of me animated by and enlivened by Consciousness. When I drew my daily card, it was Divine Feminine, which lifted my heart: my prayers had been answered!

As I moved into my day, I contemplated the regularity with which I have drawn the following cards over the last couple of weeks: Consciousness, Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and Divinely Human. Just yesterday, I drew the Divine Masculine card, and during my check-in during our weekly teacher gazing session, I spoke about the way the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are married. More than that, they can only co-exist. What is Feminine without Masculine or vice versa? We would have no way to discern these archetypal energies without their counterpart. Note that I don’t say their opposite. They are not opposites. They are two sides of a coin, and in a larger sense, I’d argue that they are the offspring of Consciousness and the parents of Divine Humanity.

Consciousness is the undifferentiated ground of Being. It is all that is, all that manifests is Consciousness manifesting as THAT. To me, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are manifestations of Consciousness as those archetypal energies: compassion, kindness, nurturing, creation, love, community, and discernment, insight, steadiness, initiative. When I experience the Divine Feminine, it is with awareness of the Divine Masculine, and when I experience the Divine Masculine, it is with awareness of the Divine Feminine. They cannot be separated.

To me, these elements of Consciousness are what give birth in us our Divine Humanity. When we are Divinely Human, we embody the fundamental essence of the Divine Mystery that pervades all phenomena. Those phenomena of course span a rich and infinite spectrum. As embodied Divinely Human Consciousness, we live through this lens, which can be further refracted to include many if not all aspects of the Trillium dharma: Divine Relationship, Trust in Being, Onlyness, Discernment, Radical Embrace. There are so many ways to see the interconnectedness of our dharma. It’s a kind of kaleidoscope of Embodied Consciousness in Relationship with everything that is both as it arises and as it is in its is-ness. There is room in our dharma for all of you as you arrive and arise in your own Divine Humanity.

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