What most stands out to me about Cielle’s sittings is their vibrancy and sense of adventure and innovation. I’ve missed very few of her sittings since she first became a teacher and make it a special point not to. Her depth of understanding is coupled with a brilliance of verbal expression that is both a marvel and an inspiration to me over and over again. In this regard alone she’s a top-of-line teacher in my humble opinion. But the real icing on this cake is her zestful creativity at innovating on the “normal” sitting format in ways that amplify the enjoyment and enrichment of all her guests. She leaves you wanting more, asking yourself “what’s she going to come up with next time?”. It’ll be delightful, whatever it is. That’s for sure. ~Paul Lancaster, Fairfield, IA

I’ve attended Cielle’s sittings since she she began to give them in 2006.
Cielle’s sittings are consistently well organized while remaining creatively responsive to both her participants and her own impulses. This combination strengthens my trust in the gathering by giving me a sense of both stability and creativity, the two key elements which support aliveness.
Cielle is able to compassionately maintain the boundaries set forth in her sittings. It is wonderful to see her hold a limit with someone while her heart is still clearly open in that communication.
Cielle is highly responsive to the groups changing interests through unique sitting structures and special course offerings. This makes me feel like I’m being taken seriously and truly matter to her.
Cielle is enormously generous in opening her home and her heart to the community through her sittings and a multitude of other creative offerings in support of the community.
Cielle is willing and able to own her limits and admit her human shortcomings when needed. I have seen her do this and respect how real she can be in her regret without needing to convey shame of herself or others in doing so.
~John P, Fairfield, IA

Cielle is so special to me and I have to say to our community. At her sittings, Cielle offers a perfect balance of holding and balancing the needs of the group, so that each person who wishes to share gets a space for that. Cielle is, I’d have to say, an exquisite listener, both at her sittings and in one-on-one work. She shows delicacy, wisdom, empathy, and genuine warmth in her interactions.Cielle always figures out how to go the extra mile, and in a variety of ways. For example, she sometimes makes lunch for the group for a nominal fee so that we can eat together after the sitting. She knows how to lean into human values that nurture us a whole beings. I feel I can absolutely rely on Cielle’s intelligence and heart. ~RH, Iowa

My experience is that Cielle is warm, friendly, creative, sincere and well educated about many techniques to awaken consciousness. What happens at her meetings is often an unexpected inner gift.
~Sharalyn Pliler, Fairfield, IA

The deepest impact Cielle has had on me is that she has nurtured my trust. She creates an incredibly safe container in which I can do my work, and this, in turn, creates an opportunity to experience more of myself, which allows me to experience a greater connection to God and to the earth. Cielle reminds me to trust the still, small voice within me every time I am in her presence. She is a rock in my life and I am so fortunate to have her as teacher, a mentor, and colleague.
She meets me exactly where I am, with no pretense. She has a seamless way of attuning to my needs in the moment, which allows me to drop into a deep, Shamanic heart space where I can experience lasting transformation. She continues to uplift and encourage my best self, while providing honest reflection for my shadow side in a way that is kind but firm. I feel tended to and loved when I work with Cielle.
She has a refreshing sense of humor about life, a forgiving attitude for herself and others, and a passion for the work she does that spills over into the hearts of her students. I highly recommend Cielle to anyone in need of an earthy Medicine Mama!
~Lena O’Neill Cain, Intuitive Counselor, Sound Healer & Shaman, Seattle, WA

Cielle blends the skills of a shaman with the insights of an astute psychotherapist and the heart of a strong compassionate woman. Her adventurous mind allows her to see the beauty waiting in the darkness. She brings warmth and love to whatever she does. To journey with Cielle, is to journey with a friend who graciously shares her gifts from the heart. ~Laural Virtues Wauters, Facilitator, Mandala Shaman, Greenbay, Wisconsin

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