Body of Love: Awakened Embodiment in Action

What does it take to embody and express love in our actions? Many spiritual paths talk about acting in a loving and kind way, and it’s a worthy ideal…but how do we make it real? Especially in these challenging times!

Industrialized culture, deeply disconnected from body and soul, values reason and believes in control. But the mind alone is incapable of getting us out of the perilous predicaments facing us today. Reason will not save us.

These fleshy, vulnerably, imperfect bodies when saturated with consciousness and rooted in radical inter-beingness, can become portals to a very different and much needed kind of intelligence. In deep and conscious connection we can listen for and receive the seeds of action – prompts of Being – that Life gifts us with, tailored specifically to our uniqueness, inviting us to liberate our love into the world. 

What does it mean to embody love? What gets in the way of acting from love?

In my video, below, I explore some of this territory. Have a pen and paper handy – there are some questions for contemplation!

  • Two kinds of historical impacts on our access to compassion
  • Three kinds of listening
  • How to bear the unbearable and find your heart in the process
  • Becoming a vessel for Love to move through you
  • Listening for the Call of your Heart

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