To Develop the Desire to Serve at the Core of the Trillium Community

Having committed myself to membership and the habits essential for spiritual maturity, and having read the Trillium Awakening Service Statement I agree to:

1) Honor the Trillium Awakening Service Statement.

2) Discover my unique qualities for Service and serve in the area that best expresses what Being leads me to be as I can.

3) Prepare for Service by examining and considering my present gifts, impulses, abilities, personal makeup and experiences. This should be done on an ongoing basis so as to be in alignment with my present reality.

4) Offer my Service to those in the Trillium community where I can, when I feel I can. This can be either locally or virtually, through its organizations, teachers or fellow participants. To demonstrate a willingness to stretch by serving in secondary Service when I can if I notice the community needs me.

5) Consider the greater good of the whole community when considering the needs of my own form of Service.


The Trillium Awakening Service Statement

  • With the exception of Trillium Awakening teachers in good standing, or contracted work done for the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle or The Institute of Awakened Mutuality, all officially recognized Trillium Awakening groups and forms of Service are unpaid and on a volunteer basis. On occasion, there may be money collected for event expenses or scholarship funds.
  • An intrinsic part of a growing spiritual life includes serving others.
  • Service is a natural part of the equalizing of pressures and the expression of Being. It needs to be honored for the sake of our own process so that our energy does not get “backed up.”
  • Every awakened and awakening person has unique gifts, abilities, impulses, experiences, and a personal makeup that are uniquely suited to an individual’s forms of Service.
  • Our primary forms of Service should be the most natural form for us.
  • Our secondary forms of Service may not be as natural and can be a stretch for us, but we grow from them as well.
  • You can sometimes discover your gifts through Service, rather than discovering your Service by identifying your gifts.
  • Membership and maturity are prerequisites to healthy balanced Service. Therefore the previous classes are required to be a Core Member.
  • Our Spiritual Community primarily operates on the basis of people’s spiritual gifts, abilities, impulses, callings, and commitment to share them.
  • Some of the most productive Service is when it is organized and generated by those with the need to share their particular gifts. Service from the ground up can be immensely fruitful and should be heartily encouraged and supported.
  • It is a spiritual need for all of us to serve, and the need of the Community to receive Service. This is a win/win of harmonious exchange.
  • Those wishing their Services to be formally recognized by Trillium Awakening as TA Service offerings should be Core Members.
  • The Spiritual Community is an organism, not just an organization. Therefore we streamline the structure in order to maximize Service and minimize maintenance. We don’t bury Service under a bunch of procedures.
  • The mobilization of every member’s gifts is the key to balanced growth of the Community.
  • The greater good of the whole Community must always take priority over the needs of any single form of Service recognized by Trillium Awakening. We should always consider what is good for the work as a whole while considering our own Trillium Awakening Service work.
  • Officially recognized Trillium Awakening groups and forms of Service follow the ethical guidelines of TA, and only recognized TA teachers teach at such events. Peer groups and events need not have a teacher present.
  • Any member who has completed Class #3 and signed the Core Membership Agreement may begin a form of Service that is officially recognized as a Trillium Awakening group or form of Service and may use the name Trillium Awakening to describe their Service work.
  • Groups or forms of Service organized by Core Members as part of The Trillium Awakening Core Community, which consider themselves Trillium Awakening forms of service, will be allowed publicity space on our website and newsletters.
  • The unique culture of the Trillium Awakening Community is not characterized by outside business practices, other traditions, paradigms, or other contemporary psychological or spiritual teachers. Forms of service recognized as Trillium Awakening are part of its culture, and the name and descriptions of such service should reflect this.
  • Forms of Service have a life cycle. If a Service isn’t meeting a need anymore, it is fine to dissolve it.
  • Those who are in the Core of the community keep their eyes open to identify needs that the community might have, when possible they seek to fill those needs or find someone who can because they have a sense of ownership of the shared enterprise of Trillium Awakening.
  • Those wanting recognition as Core Members of the Trillium Awakening Community are required to take this class (#3) and sign the Trillium Awakening Core Members Agreement.