There are three levels of membership:

Recognized Member
Dedicated Member
Core Member

Each level of community membership requires that you attend the free online class for that level.  Classes are regularly scheduled and taken with other students.  They are very straightforward, and no preparation is needed. The instructor reads through the materials and asks you to fill in the blanks while they provide the answers. The purpose of each class is for you to have a more detailed understanding of the meaning of the Membership Agreements offered at the end. After completion, you will have the option of endorsing that Agreement and becoming a Member at that level.

The Membership Agreement Class (1) invites regular attendees to become Recognized Members.
Those who have been doing Trillium Awakening work for six months can attend.
Read The Members Agreement here

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The Maturity Agreement Class (2) invites Recognized Members to become Dedicated Members.
Those who have been Recognized Members for two months can attend this class which explains the Dedicated Member agreement to take part in the activities helpful for embodying the awakening process in daily life.
Read the Dedicated Members Agreement here

The Agency Agreement Class (3) invites Dedicated Members to become Core Members.
Those who have been Dedicated Members for two months can attend this class which explains The Core Members Agreement & the Trillium Awakening Service Statement to discover and use our unique gifts and abilities in nurturing and supporting others.
Read the Core Members Service Statement & Agreement

The Outreach Affirmation Class (4)
Those Core Members who feel a desire to help the Trillium Awakening work to grow are encouraged to take this class and endorse this Affirmation to share the Trillium Awakening Teachings with all those seeking wholeness. It invites core members to engage in outreach as part of their ongoing growth.
Read the Outreach Affirmation here

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