Having done due diligence and finding a resonance and alignment with the benefits of the Trillium Awakening lifestyle, I now feel ready to engage and participate in the 4 Trillium Awakening practices for ongoing maturity.

In doing so, I agree to do the following in ways that I feel I can, as I can:

1) Study and reflect on the Trillium Awakening Dharma teachings as taught by Trillium Awakening teachers.

2) Practice self-nurturing through meditation, gazing, relaxing or quiet time or whatever way works best for me.

3) Give through volunteering my time, energy and/or resources when I can.

4) Be in Mutuality and open to feedback from others through any or all of the following:
~Attending virtual or in person sittings or
~Working with TA teacher(s) or
~Becoming part of a virtual or in-person small group, and/or peer group, or
~Connecting with other Trillium Awakening participants, one to one.