The Trillium Awakening Community is a shared enterprise using a distinct culture known by its unique paradigm, principles, agreements, and transmission. While Trillium Awakening’s community includes everyone who is in any way involved in our work together, there are two tracks by which you can become further involved in leading and supporting this community in a recognized way.

These tracks are not exclusive to each other, so you either can take part in one or the other or, if you like, you can take part in both.

1) Trillium Awakening members are contributors who are recognized, appreciated and empowered to nourish, organize, and serve this community. Recognized Members are supporters of Trillium Awakening, Dedicated Members are maturing practitioners, and Core Members are empowered co-creators of the community. These are the Circles of Engagement.

2) Trillium Awakening teachers are the stewards of the Trillium Awakening teachings and culture. Teacher’s work with groups and individuals, dedicated to their awakening and development in their awakened lives. They place a high value on integrity, mutuality, and accountability. Mentors are valued volunteers offering additional support for Trillium Awakening practitioners who work regularly with a primary teacher.

These two community tracks have distinct procedures in order to get involved:

The Core Membership Track Program: The Circles of Engagement

The Core Membership Track is available to those who have had exposure to our work having worked with a teacher or attended in-person or virtual sittings for six months or longer. The Core membership track is a means for those who are (or wish to be) contributors to this work and community to be recognized, appreciated and empowered. People at any stage of spiritual development are invited to take part in this track. This program consists of taking free online classes and taking part in a number of agreements.
If you are interested and would like more detailed information on proceeding this way click here.

The Mentor/Teacher Track Program

The Mentor/Teacher track is available to those who have had their Whole-being Realization affirmed in an authorized clarification conversation. They may then take the courses necessary. This program consists of both online and in person paid education and training. The value of these courses in our unique paradigm is such that we often recommend this training even to those who may not be interested in becoming teachers, but want to enhance their abilities and understanding of our work. It is possible for those completing this track to then apply to become a Trillium Awakening Mentor, Interning Teacher and Teacher.
If you are interested and would like more detailed information on proceeding this way click here.