Ecology of Mutuality

In the Trillium Awakening path, we tend to talk about mutuality in terms of an exchange between two people – an exchange of deep authenticity. “Being in mutuality” generally implies a willingness to encounter each other vulnerably, with presence and respect, even when things get rough (or perhaps especially then).

We can, however, widen the aperture of mutuality and recognize the way in which being in deep inter-relatedness is actually a condition of awakened life. In other words, we awaken to mutuality

In the short video and guided meditation (click on link below), I invite us into an embodied experience of being in mutuality with our self, with others, with the Earth, and with the Universe.

​Questions to Further Your Inquiry:

  • What happens when we’re this deeply, consciously, and sensorily embedded within the fabric of life?
  • What does this fundamental connection to the Ecology of Mutuality ask of us?
  • How might it inform our choices and actions?
  • What ethics arise from this deep level of Interbeing?

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