Engage! — a spoken presentation for the Feast of Sittings, Fairfield, May 30, 2016

Imagine this talk as the culmination of a wonderful Spring event, a living room full of bright enlivened participants. Afterwards, someone says, this felt like a graduation talk–and perhaps it has that character–at least it comes at that time of year!

However, in my mind this Invocation applies to any part of our awakening journey, either at the very beginning of acquaintance with Trillium Awakening, or upon a few years’ time into the Second Life.

I love to pause from time to time and ask: what am I about here? What are we about, all together, in this work? Today, I ecstatically proclaim: we are here to consciously join in the Great Dance of Creation! To everyone, I speak: because you have a beautifully individuated body-mind vehicle, you are here to engage, to Join with all dimensions of Being, to Play in the field of Conscious Embodiment. Why else would you have a body–the envy, we are told, even of the angels?

The more you employ the bright and powerful aspect of Conscious Awareness, the more profoundly you can engage as co-creator in Being! And the more skill you may develop, to glimpse deeply into the wonders that abound in that depth perception!

As you are able to go deeper, don’t you just marvel at how you’re put together, and how others are put together? We are all marvelous cogs in an overall “machine” (organism, if you prefer) of complex interrelatedness–the traditional “web of life”! There is nothing extraneous, unplanned, not useful….everything connected to everything in a specific and unique way….known as we come upon it, from a moment of stepping back, looking from the greater whole! Though the Mystery always recedes, along the way, wonders are revealed.

Creation is the wonder of the Play…all the masks we wear… and others in their masks….the play is the thing!…the Intelligent play…if we could see it all with more light….how exalted we would find it to be! Potent with learning and opportunity! Notice how kids play, very deliberately, innocently: “You pretend you’re the mom, and I’ll be the dad. Who’ll be the baby?”

What does it take to be a conscious co-creator? All that we do and share here in this work, Trillium Awakening, begins and extends our connection to conscious nature and the opportunity to co-create. We can’t see anything without the conscious light attending and illuminating patterns of bound-up and fixated light. As divine light increases, penetrating and releasing blocks, patterns shimmer and begin to fall away.

We find increased courage to step into the picture and participate in the play–to dare this! …It’s in our nature to pretend. In conscious co-creation, nothing is static, or especially fixed. With light, our potential opens up and we manifest more. We only glimpse a small amount of the whole show of creation, of Being, yet it is so inspiring, it keeps us going! Emboldens us to engage more!

What to do?

–Continue doing your discovery work–enquiry (plateaus don’t last long if you continue bringing light)

–Keep reading and opening to wisdom teachers everywhere (especially when you soften and open, you begin to see the unifying meaning behind everything)

–Meet with others in Mutuality to get and give feedback (nothing is more potent for self-knowing than relationship)

–Continue to engage Silence–solitude, aloneness, quiet (open more deeply and relax, as Silence provokes the deeper patterns where energy and attention are bound in limitation)

Above all: do not fail to engage! Once you’re doing all this that is spoken here, on a continuing basis–teachings, other people, silence–then engage FOR REAL! This means, choose and act! Even if it is arbitrary!

It’s not necessarily about making “right” choices, as these may be from past patterned behavior. So often right and wrong cannot be known, and if you choose and act, you will get feedback from inside and outside yourself, and know the next move. The outcome to a conscious choice is not as painful as not engaging!

Observe the “micro-steps” along the way to making a larger choice. In fact, every moment offers an opportunity to “choose”. If you stand back and obsess or equivocate–seeing every side as equal for example, failing to discriminate–you lose meaning and dynamism. If you stand around and don’t come into action, then you’re not engaged, and you don’t get clues as to where to move next. Observe what limits you from acting! Out of the freedom to choose something, you can discover how free and unlimited you really are!

Every moment you have a choice–to be a victim of apparently outside or past causes–or to consciously feel the impact of the environment and then choose–co-creating your life in an ongoing way even a little bit at a time.

This is truly and deeply wondrous, but you won’t know it unless you engage. Without engaging meaningfully you risk becoming hardened, bored, brittle. When you engage you begin to savor the depth of Being Itself. Awesome! You’ll become devoted to Life, living in non-separateness, as never before.

It is not about stepping back and “seeing” non-separateness; but stepping “in,” fully engaging, and feeling non-separateness. We are called to embody all the way down to the bottom chakra!

–Bottom line: practice making Conscious Choices. This is our principle of daring.

–Even this: choose to create the “story” you want to live into–you can’t be here without a story or without limits. Begin to craft your story. We can potentially go beyond our “type”, our astrology or Human Design or Enneagram! You are the co-creator! What you practice you may bring into being! Then step back and contemplate; notice gains, or you might decide never to do that again.

This life is truly and deeply wondrous–you will come to know how marvelous, subtle, intricate, purposeful, intelligent, beautiful it is by diving in deeply, unveiling the layers, and experiencing more of the whole!

Some questions to contemplate:

–Where am I engaging?

–Where am I NOT engaging?

–Where am I open?

…to purposeful study?

…to self-observation?

…to feedback from others?

–Where am I crafting my chosen story?

–Am I co-creating or being victim?

–Where am I free?

–Where am I limited?

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