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Awakenings Beyond Initial Whole Being Realization – A Free 10-Week Course

September 19 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm PDT

Awakenings Beyond Initial Whole Being Realization

Illuminated by Poetry of the Whole Being Evolution Map

Read Rod Taylor’s message about this course

Enliven and clarify your awakening process through participating in this 10-week exploration of advancing stages beyond initial Whole Being Realization with support of teachers Rod Taylor, Van Nguyen, Ralf Humphries, Francesca Blackstock, and graphic charts created by Rod to map awakening shifts in his and others’ evolution.

We’ll meet every Monday and Tuesday, 4-6 pm Pacific Time from Tuesday, September 19 to Monday, November 27, 2023

Weekly Topics:
1. Introduction
2. Whole Being Realization & Whole Being Continuity Realization
3. Whole Being Heart Realization
4. Whole Being Fire of Life Realization
5. Whole Being ‘No Self’ Realization
6. Whole Being Sacred Essence Realization
7. Whole Being Sacred Self Realization
8. Whole Being Sacred Wholeness Realization
9. Whole Being Stages preceding Whole Being Realization
10. Whole Being Soul Evolution and Fulfillment


This event is free of charge. All who register will receive the course Zoom link and a recording of each session.

More information: https://wholebeingevolution.com/awakenings-beyond-initial-whole-being-realization/

How to Register

Contact Francesca Blackstock at tantra@shaw.ca


Experience working with a Trillium Awakening Teacher and attendance at Sittings, Workshops or other TA events.

All TA community members – participants, mentors and teachers are invited.


  • Rod Taylor (teacher)

    Rod Taylor is an international teacher of conscious embodied non-dual awakening. He is the founder of the Whole-Being Evolution Path™, creator of the Whole-Being Evolution Map, and author of the book New Principles of Awakened Relationship.  For over 40 years he has been teaching spiritual awakening knowledge and techniques, and since 2007 has been offering workshops and coaching services as a member of the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle.  Rod is a member of the Trillium Awakening Visionary Council and a certified Trillium Awakening Whole Being Realization Clarifier. He has a Master of Adult Education degree and post-secondary certification in Conflict Resolution. Teaching and coaching in the field of whole being realization is Rod’s passion and his joy. He lives with his beloved wife Andrea on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

  • Van Nguyen (teacher)

    Van Nguyen has been a teacher of this path since 1996, is a member of the Elders Council of the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle, and is one of the original Clarifiers. Van contributed to the formulation of the dharma in the early days of this work, as well as, helped in the training of new teachers for serving the awakening process of the many students, who have come into this path over the years. He also has a keen interest and devotion towards the Feminine Face of Supreme Divine Being. As such, he feels that Radiant Supreme Love is the Heart of the metaphorical "Body of Existence”, unified with Transcendental Consciousness, which is the the fundamental Ground-field of this “Body”. Van lives with his beloved life partner near Sedona, Arizona.

  • Ralf Humphries (interning teacher)

    Ralf Humphries enjoyed a distinguished academic career in the 1990’s, before turning sharply inward in 2003 and spending five years as a Buddhist recluse. Following a dramatic fall-to-earth at the end of his monastic life, Ralf entered a period of reconfiguration, and arrived at the doorstep of Trillium Awakening in 2011. It was with the “Being Seen, Being Met, Being Loved” support of this community that he realized his whole-being nature in May, 2013. In the last ten years, Ralf has worked as a psychotherapy educator and a senior mental health clinician. He currently has a private practice as a therapist, is a teacher with Trillium Awakening, and a guide for the Whole Being Evolution Path. Ralf lives with his beloved life partner in Melbourne, Australia.    

  • Francesca Blackstock (interning teacher)

    Francesca Blackstock is an Interning Trillium Awakening teacher.  She began her spiritual journey in the late 1990’s, when out of curiosity she joined a neighbourhood meditation group.  Through this group she explored awakening with a variety of spiritual teachers and eventually embraced Waking Down.  She experienced her Whole Being realization in 2015. Since then, Francesca has been very involved in Trillium Awakening: hosting mutuality cafes, facilitating mutuality & meditation groups and organizing & hosting 8 different Retreats, all designed to support people to live in deeper love & recognition of all aspects of themselves and others.  She lives with her husband Don & their labradoodle Gracie, in Calgary, Canada.