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Fairfield’s 14th Annual Spring Feast of Sittings

May 26 - May 29

Join Fairfield’s 14th Annual Spring Feast

You know what it’s like to attend a Trillium Awakening sitting where you soak up transmission during the gazing meditation and cherish your time of sharing who you are ─ your current recognitions, challenges, and blessings ─ in a safe environment of encouragement and mutual honoring. Now imagine a Feast of Sittings including retreat-style small groups May 26-29, 2023. This is the fourteenth time we’ve offered a Spring Feast. Lots of fun and deep transformation. We hope we will see you there.



How to Register

More details including the schedule and payment instructions found via this link: http://trilliumawakeningfairfield.com/index.php/feast-of-sittings/


We ask that you have attended at least one sitting before attending our Feast.