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Leaning into the Core Paradox as We Age with June and Cielle – A 2-Day Workshop

May 6 - May 7

Online May 6th & 7th, 9-11:30 am and 1- 4 pm Pacific each day.

Join Trillium Awakening teachers, Cielle Backstrom & June Konopka in a personal inquiry into embodied aging. Being consciously embodied, and living the core paradox of finite human life and infinite Divine Life simultaneously, makes aging more real and immediate, but also gives us the resources to meet it gracefully. Let’s lean in and use the process of aging to establish ourselves deeper in our Divine Nature, and in the sacredness of each precious moment as this unique human expression.

Together we’ll be supporting each other in:
* Greenlighting and embracing our unmet fears, frustrations, shame, and outrage of aging
* Regaining trust in the creation, maintenance, & destruction cycles of evolving life
* Grieving the loss of what we once were and had
* Opening space for our own Infinite Presence to be our main resource as we age.

This event will include group discussions and individual focused work with a teacher and mentor in small groups of 4-6 participants.

Event limit: 18 participants



How to Register

Link to register: https://forms.gle/kYHkvCgi41Dewu2S9
Contact June at junekonopka@gmail.com if you have questions.

Make payment via PayPal at junekonopka@gmail.com (Designate: “Aging Workshop”)

Cancellation Policy: $25 cancellation fee through April 28th, $50 April 29th -May 5th, No refunds after May 5th.

Event website link: https://junekonopka.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Leaning-into-CP-as-We-Age-Flyer-2023-copy-2.pdf


Previous attendance at TA events and/or sessions with a TA teacher


  • June Konopka (teacher)

    June Konopka has been involved in spiritual teachings since 1971, first a teacher of Transcendental Meditation for 20 years, then as a teacher of Waking Down in Mutuality starting in 2005. She’s currently a teacher of Trillium Awakening (TA), and sits on the Elders’ Council within the TA Teachers’ Circle. In addition, June has completed an apprenticeship with Oscar Miro-Quesada in Peruvian Shamanism, and is currently studying with an Irish shamanic teacher, Amantha Murphy. She is also a certified practitioner of Hakomi (a body-centered psychotherapy), and has received trauma training at the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute.  

  • Cielle Backstrom (teacher)

    Cielle Backstrom became a Trillium teacher in 2006 and since then has assisted people in embodied awakening.  Her awakening in 2003 opened multiple inner doorways revealing just how "whole" life is and the huge range that it includes.  This led her to study several tools which she uses as aids to assist her students on their path of awakening. These tools include Focusing, Breathwork and energy healing. Cielle was a member of the Trillium Teachers board of directors from 2006-2011 at which time the board was replaced by an operations circle.  She has been part of that circle since 2012. She is also member of the Trillium Teacher's Visionary Council.