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Silent WellSpring: Trillium Olympia In-Person Silent Retreat

May 19 - May 21

Slow down, drop down, and tune into the vibrant, evolutionary edge of your awakening being in this luscious, in-person retreat held at the gorgeous Eagle Heart Sanctuary in west Olympia.

In fertile silence, make deep contact with yourself and connect with the energy and information arising to guide you towards further wholeness and aliveness.

Following an evening of checking in and setting our intentions for the retreat, we’ll spend a full Saturday in silent, guided activities such as walking, journaling, working with symbols, mindful movement, sound, and guided meditation to support our individual and collective inquiry. On Sunday we’ll take ample time to digest, integrate, and share our revelations, and sense forward into our next steps.

Whether or not you’ve had your WBR, you will:
• luxuriate in heart-to-heart community – – which we’ve been missing for 3 years!
• bask in the catalytic heat of group transmission
• engage in proven spiritual practices you can easily integrate into your life
• clarify “where you’re at” in your awakening journey
• illuminate new dimensions of wholeness to evolve into

Retreat Dates

Friday, May 19 (6PM – 9PM)
Saturday, May 20 (10AM – 5PM)
Sunday, May 21 (10AM – 5PM)



Cost does not include food or lodging, some snacks provided

Cancellation: Up to April 27 = full refund (minus $50 admin fee), Between April 28 and May 11 = 50% refund. After May 12 = no refund

Limit to 14 attendees

Event website: https://www.trilliumolympia.org/silentwellspring.html

How to Register

Contact Event Coordinator, Jim Hutcheon at jmhutcheon@gmail.com (weblink to follow)


This retreat is for Trillium practitioners who are familiar with the core Trillium teachings, have been active in the work for several months, have attended at least 3 Trillium sittings, and/or are working one-on-one with a Trillium teacher (or have done so in the past).


  • Joanne Lee (teacher)

    Joanne Lee, founder of CREATE! Institute, has been a Trillium teacher since 2016. She is an active volunteer with the Trillium Awakening Teachers Association. She’s offered workshops with local and visiting teachers in Olympia and online. She helped found and enjoys supporting the vibrant local Trillium Olympia community.  

  • Margit Bantowsky (teacher)

    Margit Bantowsky is a gifted teacher whose passion is to support deep and lasting transformation aimed to liberate one's brilliance. She dances gracefully between her keen intellect and a highly attuned and compassionate intuition as she facilitates deep revelation and healing. Margit draws from a robust tool bag which includes the somatic practice of Focusing, the soul-based inquiry of Universal Consciousness, and nearly 10 years living in the fire of whole-being realization. She is a visual artist, sound-alchemist, budding herbalist, and servant-lover-student-priestess of Mother Gaia.

  • Debi Bailey (mentor)

    Debi Bailey became involved in Waking Down in 2013. She felt as though she had come home to herself in all of her deeply flawed and vulnerable humanity. She continues to deepen in the work of Trillium Awakening, had her WBR in 2015, and became a mentor in 2018. It has been a long journey of learning to deeply embrace the perfect imperfection of being human. The hardest and most challenging experiences in her life are also the ones that have provided the most growth. These experiences also help her to have compassion and understanding rather than judgement, allowing her to listen from a place of open heart to create safe space, deep listening and presence to help others explore what is up for them in this moment.

  • Jim Hutcheon (mentor)

    I was first introduced to Trillium Awakening in 2013, I had my Whole Being Realization in 2015, and I became a Mentor in 2021. Nature and the flow of life have been serious interests of mine for a long time. I am lucky to live in a place which is teeming with green spaces. I am a biologist by training and profession and my background has given me a deep appreciation for the mysteries we can find all around us. My inner spiritual life now is an area of continuing growth. In many ways I feel like a chrysalis is opening and I am just beginning to emerge. Slowly peeking out.  https://trilliumawakening.org/profile/jim-hutcheon/