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Trillium Circling Presence Practice Fundamentals

December 11, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm PST

A weaving of our Trillium embodied awakening in mutuality practices with the relational presence meditation of “Circling”.

Having recently been certified as Focus Circling facilitator, I feel very happy to bring the practice to our Trillium community and look forward to being in this way of sharing authentic presence in relationship with those who feel attracted.

Below is a fairly good description for the, to me, absolutely magical practice of being in a meditative presencing frame of mind and at the same time being in authentic connection.

Circling is a relational meditation practice in which you speak your physical and emotional experience in this moment, with these people. It is a profound way of developing presence with yourself and richer connections with those around you. Part art form, part meditation, and part group conversation, a circle gives you a visceral sense of what others experience around you, and it acts as a meditation practice for bringing your embodied self naturally out into the world.”

Elements of our time together:
~ Check-in
~ Context setting including theory and experiential noticing practice
~ Focus Circling: Tatini will focus attention on one participant for a set period of time. The invitation for the circlee is to explore and share “What it is like to be You” moment-to-moment. Participants will be invited to “try on” what the circlee’s world is like and to share impact.
~ Organic Flow Circling: Attention flows organically from participant to participant as we share our present moment experience (in words or with silence), as we co-create our We-Space.
~ Debrief, Q&A
~ Check-out

How to Register

To register, email Tatini at tatinigoler@gmail.com


Free of charge


If new to Trillium Awakening, have a conversation with Tatini first.



  • Tatini Goler (teacher)

    Tatini Goler has been devoted to the journey of embodied consciousness awakening for over 30 years. She lives for the love, investigation and expression of Being and has been an active Trillium Awakening teacher since May 2008. Since 2021 she is deeply engaged in the relational presence practice of "Circling", which she is very happy to share within the Trillium Awakening dharma context.