Fairfield’s Annual Fall Retreat

Come enjoy Fairfield with its small town charm and high concentration of Trillium Awakening teachers, mentors, and participants.
Why might you want to come to our Trillium Awakening Retreat? Consider these, among many other reasons:
No matter where you are on your personal trajectory of awakenings, you will be supported and propelled forward by the transmission of the teachers, and their deep welcoming of you in all your humanness and divinity.
When you dare to bring forward your most intimate struggles, you are held without judgment. This process helps you relax more deeply into what is, and into all of who you are at this time—a catalyst for profound shifts in your life.
Is it easy to relax into our humanness? Not always. At Fairfield’s Transformation Retreat, you will have enormous support for this process—from teachers, and other awakened participants, who contagiously radiate the bodily realization of Being, and from the entire group, who will offer you whole-body listening.
“But,” you may be thinking, “I’ve already had my awakening. Why would I want to come?” Because the dynamics of further awakenings are essentially the same as those for living in Whole Being Realization (i.e. second birth) : deeper relaxation into our human nature and investigation into our divine nature.
Immersion in the continuous Trillium Awakening environment of the five day Retreat creates an unavoidable transformational momentum, and is one powerful way to “grasp the means” of your continued awakening.
In addition to the great mutual growth toward living our individual potentials, we hope you will join us for the fun and fellowship that seem to naturally accompany deep openings and vulnerability with each other.

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