Greenlighting – via Inner Relationship Focusing

Do you hear expressions such as greenlighting, radical embrace, recognition yoga, whole body listening and want support in bringing these into your path of awakening? Have you heard that embodied awaking is facilitated by freeing up bound energy and attention and wondered how to do that? I have found a tool that effortlessly assists with all of these. During a one-on-one session, I will gently guide you to greenlight and embrace what is arising in you, as you, in the present moment. This opens a door to whole body listening that allows a deep inner knowing and much more.

The process is surprisingly simple.

One of its many real and lasting benefits is that it allows us to free up energy and attention that has been bound – especially energy that has been bound due to past stress, unresolved disappointment, loss and trauma. Bound energy ties up so much life force. And as life force becomes available we discover how easy it is to relax into who we are and to glimpse all we are meant to be. Awakening unfolds as gracefully as the leaves on the trees unfold in the spring. I have been trained in a process called, Inner Relationship Focusing. I would love to guide you in your embodied awakening and can assist you with this tool.

Focusing was discovered by Eugene Gendlin, a professor at the University of Chicago, in the early 70’s. He researched the notes and transcripts of thousands of therapeutic sessions looking for a common thread that created lasting shifts in clients. He discovered there was one and that it could be easily taught. He named what he discovered, Focusing.

I have discovered that Focusing is not just a simple, effective therapeutic tool but also one that facilitates embodied awakening.

Inner Relationship Focusing is a system of radically embracing “what is”, with special attention to “what is arising” within each of us. Sounds like what we call greenlighting in the Trillium path. The process is deeply introspective, involving awareness and inner sensing so that we can open to a “body knowing” that helps us be more fully who we are.

My experience with Focusing is that it is a gentle process that is extremely useful both before and after awakening… a tool for deeply accepting, holding, acknowledging and greenlighting ourselves … all of us, even feelings and the limits of being human that can be challenging.

I got involved with Focusing in 2006, taking classes from Ann Weiser Cornell, one of the world’s foremost Focusing teachers. She began a close collegial relationship with Gendlin during the early 70’s.  She continued to co-lead courses with Gene for more than 40 years. At the same time Ann has brought Focusing work forward via her own vast experience based on guiding thousands and thousands of people in the process. She named her unique approach to Focusing, Inner Relationship Focusing.

In 2011, I entered training led by Ann so that I could learn to both guide and teach Inner Relationship Focusing.  I completed training and was certified in 2013 by the International Focusing Institute.

And one more thing…. Inner Relationship Focusing helps us know ourselves as “presence”, the larger awareness that we are… always…. effortlessly.

I can guide you in a Focusing session so you can experience this yourself.


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