Hazard, Chaos and Transformation

Any truly transformative work is inherently hazardous and the Trillium process is no exception. If you get involved in this work in any serious way, a lot could be demanded of you not by any of the teachers or mentors but by the force of your own awakening being. If your hunger for realization has brought you to this work, odds are that there is a fierce and relentless dimension of your being that is about to emerge. In truly transforming our basic nature, the stakes couldn’t be any higher and it is a fundamentally disturbing process.

We can help facilitate this labor and delivery minimizing unnecessary pain, but some pain is just part of the deal. There is a kind of devastation in this process that can feel heart-breaking but what is actually breaking is the conceptual and emotional and even bodily suit of armor that you have worn for so long without even knowing it.

The transmission that is at the center of the power of this work contains not only the tendency to activate the recognition of yourself as consciousness, but also to deconstruct the patchwork of braces and coverings you assembled to protect yourself from what often feels like the threats and terrors of human existence.

When change occurs at the very core of one’s being it can be chaotic. But chaos can be the universe viewed from the growing edge of comprehension. In this ever deepening awakening, that edge will always be growing and disturbing eddies will always swirl around it only adding to its mystery and significance.

Daring to grasp the means of your own realization is central to this highly individualized process. Gumption and daring aren’t often thought of as important qualities in spiritual growth but in this work there may be rock slides and flooding to contend with. There may be gales and ice storms and fire which will give you pause. You will need to find within your self the daring and the perseverance to complete this passage. There’s a reason they call it “self” realization. It happens in and through your self. Others will accompany you; can help point out the way, but ultimately you have to complete your own journey wherever it may take you.

© Steve Boggs  2011

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