Imagine there is a supportive container in which you are truly, deeply, profoundly met and seen, in all your conscious radiance as well as your very human limitations. Not only seen but welcomed just as you are, and invited to come forward more and more into your fulfillment as a divinely human being.

Imagine that this Way has a remarkable track record of helping people directly awaken, and then stabilize, in a very embodied fashion that excludes nothing yet, paradoxically, transcends everything.

Imagine that whatever doubts, frustrations, disillusionment, or even despair you might be feeling about your own ability to penetrate the mystery of existence and discover your True Nature are the very signs that you are nearing the point of breakthrough. . . . . and that the key ingredient is your deep heart longing to know.

Imagine individualized attention from awakened teachers who, through transmission and interaction, open you to the alchemical secret: that the direct route to awakening and integration lies not in striving to rise above your human tendencies but in falling totally INTO them, consciously. This, in turn, catalyzes a quantum Shift from being exclusively identified with your finite human self to a profound, unshakeable knowing of yourself as unbounded Consciousness and finite matter. This Shift marks the unequivocal end of seeking and the beginning of a new life.

Imagine exploring these mysteries in mutuality with others similarly moved by the love, investigation, and expression of Being. And imagine how a mutual commitment to being authentic and respectful creates a safe space for revealing and healing the broken, wounded places of the psyche that inevitably come with being human, leading to ever-greater freedom to be here in, and as, the fullest expression of your true and total Self.

Imagine the relief that comes from finally reckoning with and resolving the existential tension at the core of your being. Enlightenment is entirely possible, for you, in this lifetime, and it is our fulfillment to catalyze and nurture this until it becomes a lived reality for you. We offer ourselves as guides to those undertaking the challenging, sometimes dark, passage that leads, ultimately, into the juicy impassioned living of those who are consciously embodied. We effortlessly transmit the awakened condition, and we offer deep meetings, direct awakenings, and empowered living, in a transformative crucible of optimal conditions for unfolding your full, divinely human potential.

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