Inquiry Statements

Throughout my journey of shifts and awakenings, inquiry statements have been helpful. Before awakening to the reality of my conscious nature, I would sometimes pause in the middle of activity and ask my self one of more of the following questions

I might start with the simple inquiry

“What am I feeling now?”

After taking a moment to sink into whatever I was feeling I would then ask:

“Who knows this feeling?”


“Is there any sense of self that comes before this feeling?”


“Who is registering this feeling?”

perhaps followed by:

“Can I shift my attention to the “knower” of this feeling?”

Such times of inquiry would point me in the direction of the awareness or consciousness that is prior to attention being directed to an object…..even when the object of my attention was a feeling.

Now established in the realization of my conscious nature. I continue to use inquiry statements. These statements help move me forward on the path of further development. I find that much of the growth that takes place is the continuous unraveling of “stuck places” in me. As these stuck places unravel, I increasingly have more energy and attention to live life in greater freedom, wholeness and love.

Continued inquiry statements include:

What wants to be known now?

What wants to come forward now?

Do you think inquiry statements might help in your path of self discovery? If so, you might try some of mine. Or even better, create some of you own. I am happy to help you with this.

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