Interview w/ Dr Leticia Nieto and Kirstin Eventyr

Awakened activism is a natural outcome of maturation and involves a deepening and widening beyond self and group identifications into something broader. It goes hand-in-hand with coming to know the self as much larger than a single identity, and acting accordingly.”

~~ Dr Leticia Nieto, author of Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment

Would you like to hear some fresh voices exploring this new field of awakened activism? We’re all fumbling this thing forward together, finding words and slowly placing muscles onto the bare bones.

I interviewed two long-term friends and highly respected colleagues of mine, Dr Leticia Nieto, a Trillium practitioner and psychology professor at St Martin’s University, and interning Trillium Awakening teacher and spiritual counselor, Kirstin Eventyr, MA, about what awakened activism means to them. Dr Nieto is the author of the brilliant book, Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment: A Developmental Strategy to Liberate Everyone

In this one-hour video we consider the following important dimensions of awakened activism:

  • how spiritual awakening supports human maturity
  • the difference between responding and reacting
  • the implications of fundamental unity
  • conditions that promote real contact
  • discerning right action from egoic efforts
  • the difference between Woke and Awakened
  • living the paradox of peace and discontent
  • the critical role of Trust in releasing the psycho-biochemistry of socialization
  • relationships as doorways to transformation

Awakened activism is an aspect of Being that recognizes itself as one and the same with all of Creation and as a result caring very deeply for all of it, and simultaneously being able to deeply trust what is unfolding, to trust What Is.” — Kirstin Eventyr, MA

~~ Kirstin Eventyr, MA, interning Trillium Awakening teacher


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