It Does Matter What Delights You

Not long ago I had the pleasure of sitting with a small group of folks in our work. Each shared current challenges … and noticed that these were instances of ongoing themes in their lives’ journeys.

And each also gave voice to experiences that were deeply moving, enriching, and uplifting, that opened them to joy, to pleasure, to warmth and healing. One person spoke of being with a grandchild; for another it was immersing in a stream; another deeply felt the beauty in a very modern building

So each shared both something challenging and something enriching. I was reminded of an Andean teaching about what is called in Quechua “yanantin” – complementary opposites … opposites which are nonetheless part of the Whole, and reveal the Whole; in those teachings, the task or practice becomes learning to hold and harmonize these opposites.

When I spoke of this with one of our senior teachers, another dimension opened. “That”, she said, is also how we open to Awakening. For some, connection to the Divine may be through a meditation practice; others may turn to indigenous practices; for others, a western religious tradition. And… in our Work, we acknowledge and welcome these “everyday” openings as connections to the transcendent. In this too, in the deep connections that arise as this body feels its way through this world, we awaken. Day by day.

How cool is that!

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