Life as a Prayer

We are living through challenging times when problems that seem both monumental and intractable beset us on all sides.  The center of our common life seems to not be holding because our traditional cultural, political, spiritual, educational and commercial institutions all seem to be not up to the task of renewal.  When what once was an edifice is no longer, it isn’t entirely gone, it’s just broken into pieces and still exists as rubble which has been scattered.

The great mythologist, Michael Meade has said that an old Irish myth tells us that when the center no longer holds, we need to look to the periphery to find the source of our renewal.  We need to find that thing which , while seeming marginalized, both attrascts us and scares us.  As we explore it, we will find a thread which, if we pull on it, will lead us back to the center where we will find all those others who have followed their threads and together we can, once again, weave the tapestry of trust and begin to reassemble the scattered parts of the edifice of our collective life.

As the awakening life progresses, the world often feels more and more kindred and intimate and at the same time, dissembling becomes less and possible to pull off.  Care for people, the earth, the creatures, this whole life deepens and devotion feels increasingly appropriate.  If you are one who is predisposed to great sensitivity, you may find in your awakening life that encounters with beauty, awe, reverence and gratitude become frequent companions on your journey.

In my experience, it is often the case that the shyest and tenderest part of who you are is also your deepest and most inherent gift to the world. You will never feel more exposed than when you reveal this part of who you are and at the same time, you will never be more radiantly generous to the world  and your life itself may feel like a prayer.


December 1, 2018

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