Love-Bliss of the Supreme Heart – Video Music Album

These are 10 tracks of my flute compositions and improvisations, played on 7-hole shakuhachis, which are Japanese end-blown bamboo flutes. I recorded these pieces at my home in 2011 through 2012, during an especially grace-filled creative period, when a lot of divine inspiration and Love-Bliss intoxication was happening. Initially, I was going to put out a CD of my music, but it didn’t get fully completed, and then, besides sharing it with friends and acquaintances, the recording sat on the shelf for years.

Finally, in early Spring of 2020, I got the inspiration to combine my lovely flower photographs (taken with my iPhone) with my recorded shakuhachi music. I enlisted Drew Martinez to do the video art editing, and he very sensitively and artistically wove the two elements together into a new creation. I believe that the combination ends up a very beautiful audiovisual tapestry of flute music and photographic art.

I am very happy to be able to finally share this with you. I am hoping that this video art creation will provide deep sublime moments of beauty, inspiration, healing, peace, Heart-blessings, Heart-Love and Bliss, and Grace.

Regarding the title, “Supreme Heart” is a poetic term for all-inclusive Source, or Source of All. Infinite Love-Bliss is a primary aspect of all-inclusive Source. Paradoxically, Source of All is simultaneously both transcendent and manifested as us, the physical world, and the cosmos.

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Love-Bliss – Full Video Album

Love-Bliss – Individual Tracks Playlist

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