Mini-essay: “The Paradox of Ultimate Whole Being”

Whole Being equals Ultimate Being or the Ultimate Divine Self. 

Ultimate Whole Being is paradoxically simultaneously both unmanifested and manifested, transcendental and mundane, spirit and matter, divine and human, the formless and the form, the Emptiness and the Fullness, etc.

Ultimate Being is the ineffable all-inclusive Totality. Therefore, Ultimate Being is indescribable and can’t be experienced in its totality.

There are three Aspects of Ultimate Being that can be recognized, experienced, or felt by us divinely human beings. The Emptiness or Absolute Space of Transcendental Awareness, the all-pervading Aliveness of Divine Energy or Life-current or Kundalini Shakti-current, and the Unconditional Feeling or Supreme Feelingness of Divine Love and Divine Bliss.

“Being Presence” is one term that refers to the variable “mixture” of these three Aspects of Whole Being, as felt or experienced by the human
body-mind, which is actually a manifestation of, or composed of, these three Aspects. We may experience the mixture of Being Presence in our body-mind in an overall way or with more localized intensity in certain regions of our body.

As divinely human beings, we are actually a materialization of the three Aspects of Whole Divine Being. We are each and all materializations, or manifestations, of Ultimate Whole Being.

The realization of this inherent ultimate reality happens through Grace and transmission. Spiritual transmission provides catalytic potency for the flowering of initial Whole Being Realization and beyond.

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