My Story

I am an American born, 46 year-old wholistic dentist of Vietnamese-Chinese ancestry. I survived a traumatic childhood with deep emotional wounds and psychological complexes. Starting in my late teens, I became a driven and obsessed spiritual seeker–checking out everything I could find from A to Z–in my search for the ultimate. After 25 years of seeking, I eventually ended up despairing, feeling like a human and spiritual failure. Then I met Saniel in June of 1995, and my life transformed. My whole Being second birth realization occurred within two months of our first meeting, to my utter astonishment. By all the prevailing spiritual beliefs and standards, this realization should not have happened to me. I thought I was too defective a human being to awaken, but it happened. Since then I have been moved to share this good news with others who are truly hungy. To my further amazement, my friend Jon Mattingly, who had begun seeing Saniel in July of 1996, awakened rapidly with my friendship and assistance. I am amazed to find myself in the position of a teacher-transmitter of this yoga and to see how rapidly this process is growing and duplicating itself through our grid of mutulity.

It seems unbelieveable, but a true, effective, and direct yoga of full awakening is available. And it works, even for neurotics. If you are prepared and hungry enough for the Heart of Being, I invite you to investigate the truth of this for yourself.

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