My students have taught me

Mutuality is important. I hope my students benefit from working with me. If so, then the benefit is mutual. Here are some things that they have taught me.

One student in speaking about his awakening said

It isn’t about experience and in includes experiences

A student from Seattle, in acknowledging transmission of consciousness, said:

Water will come through any crack and conscious will too. I used to think the “cracks” in my personality were a sign of defect. Now I cherish them as the very places that allow the transmission of consciousness to reach me.

A student in Fairfield, Iowa asked me to describe the experience of my awakening. I said I would share the experience but was concerned that the experience might be construed to be the awakening. He summed things up for me beautifully when he said.

The experience you had was not the realization. It was a way in which the realization could be experienced.

During a small group meeting, one participant was questioning if certain parts of his personality would ever shift. Another participant reflected:

We don’t shift our personality until we fully embrace those traits that trouble us. We don’t embrace in order to shift but when we embrace that is most likely when a shift can happen.

One of my students has been contemplating “awareness”. He recently shared this insight.

Attention is equal to awareness plus an object whereas awareness is there all the time.

Two students grew in understanding of that the Core Wound/Core Mystery is not personal and shared these thoughts:

I personalized the Core Wound and used that as evidence of my brokenness until I understood that the Core Wound is not personal….it just is the paradox of being both finite and infinite.

I was in the “story” of my life, identified with it. I thought it was the “core” of who I was. Then I said, “What if these feeling of separateness is all that there is?” I rested in that and the Core Wound/Core Mystery separated from my “story”. I was able to rest as that mystery

A student of mine in Fairfield posted to facebook:

Beautiful! As with Cielle’s self-inquiry “What wants to be known now?” we can invite, as we stalk, those parts of the vast “unknown unknown” we most need to know right now to show themselves to us in some fashion. And then be wide open on all ‘channels’ of apprehension, knowing that we can’t know what form or direction the “unknown unknown” will appear in…until it does.

A student on the East Coast pauses from time to time with these inquiries.

What is present here when there are no problems to solve?

Who I am without referring to memory?

What would the higher version of me do in this moment?

A facebook quote that is circulating

It is only by grounding our awareness in the living sensation of our bodies that the “I Am,” our real presence, can awaken.” ~ G.I. Gurdjieff

A student recently shared with me this insight:

What we most want to avoid is our doorway home. Open that doorway.


I am wanting to heal that which drove me out of my true heart space.

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