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Cielle and Rod copy.jpgIf you live close to me, I would love to work with you in person. However, a lot of the work I do with people is over the phone. Our sessions might look like we are simply two people in conversation. Perhaps the biggest difference between our conversations and ones you may have over tea with a friend is that I will hold whatever you want to tell me as sacred. I will deeply honor what you want to express to me in any moment, whether it be a story from your childhood that is remembered with sadness, anger or confusion, or the telling of something currently happening to you. I will hold all that you relate as something important that your being wants to express. The questions I ask you will be in the interest of getting to know you better and as I know you better I will be able to listen to you and hold you in ways that give you both freedom and connection.

I will be listening for openings, even tender ones, that indicate that you are spontaneously unfolding to an embodied awakening of freedom, wholeness and love. I may also ask questions or make suggestions that may allow you to reveal more of yourself to yourself. I trust that you are unique and that your path is uniquely yours. I may coach or coax but you will be directing your awakening and I will be holding a safe space for you to do this.

I want to create a space of trust with you in which your being can unfold its mystery. I want to create a space with you in which you can unpack or unwrap those tight places that are binding the divine you from unfolding. As we work together to free up energy and attention your Being will natural expand and shine with the light it is meant to reveal.

Private sessions generally last one hour. $50 per hour. Sliding scale available.

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