Elijah Petersen


Welcome Message

Elijah is currently the youngest Trillium Awakening teacher. After exploring a range of spiritual paths for several years, it was the much-needed teaching and transmission of this work that allowed him to embody Being more fully and have the Awakening he deeply wanted.

It is now part of Elijah’s mission to help others in their unique awakening and integration process.

Elijah’s work with students

Elijah works with students in every stage of their awakening process—whether they are brand-new to the Trillium awakening path, or have been in their Second Lives for many years.

Students who work with Elijah over time typically experience:

– a deeper trust in themselves,

– stronger alignment with Being,

– increased emotional integration and awareness,

– more self-love and self-acceptance,

– willingness to explore new dimensions of their being.

As part of his Trillium Awakening practice, Elijah has developed an approach called “Inner Mutuality” which can help people find more internal peace. “Inner Mutuality” can assist you in diverse ways, including making decisions, moving beyond procrastination, and connecting with your own strength, clarity, and wisdom.

Elijah’s work is also influenced by Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, the Enneagram and Gestalt Therapy. As a shamanic practitioner, he helps people work through challenges related to their family system and ancestors, heal soul loss, develop better energetic boundaries, let go of foreign energies, and discover a deeper sense of belonging.

Elijah holds monthly Trillium Awakening sittings in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. He works with students over the phone, Skype, or in person, and offers a complimentary initial 30-minute Discovery Session.

Elijah’s awakening story

While Elijah has had many profound experiences through other spiritual paths and modalities, the transpersonal states always faded with time, leaving him feeling a sense of lack and desire for Awakening. Through his work in the Trillium process, Elijah could Awaken to nonseparatedness with all that is.

Awakening was different for him than what he had expected or even could have expected. The impact of Elijah’s second birth these days is that he feels deeply relaxed at the core and experiences a simple yet profound wellness of being more and more fully. The practice of Mutuality has also transformed his relationships in ways that have helped Elijah be more real, authentic, transformative, and meaningful than he could have imagined. While this process has been hugely challenging for him at times, it was unquestionably worth it.

About Elijah

Elijah received degrees in environmental engineering and psychology and currently work as an environmental scientist in the Washington D.C. Area where he lives with his German wife. Integral theory is what brought him into spirituality about ten years ago, and he is deeply versed in this model and has published two integral theory related academic articles. Elijah has developed a passion for shadow work through healing his own wounding. During this process, he completed a training program in gestalt therapy (although he is not a therapist), and he is also a shamanic practitioner. Shadow work helps him be more comfortable with and integrate the full spectrum of all that he is, and support other people in finding this Wholeness within themselves.


If you would like to explore Elijah’s services, email him for a complimentary initial 30-minute Discovery Session which can be conducted over phone or Skype.