Wendy Redfern

Interning Teacher

Welcome Message

I would be honored to connect with you in deep Presence to support you in exploring, awakening to and embracing all of who you are; both your unlimited divine nature and your limited human nature.

I am committed to being fully with you in whatever is currently arising for/in/as you. I will hold you with compassion, listen deeply, and encourage you in your embodied awakening journey. I trust in the intelligence of your being to know what it needs for it’s evolution towards wholeness and will help you to connect to your source of guidance and sustenance. Every part of you, all that creates your unique wholeness, is welcomed and honored here.


My spiritual seeking journey was activated after a relationship breakup a couple of decades ago. The heartbreak and pain of this opened a desire in me for something more. It also brought a very uncomfortable feeling more into conscious awareness; that there was something terribly wrong with me at my core.

I set out to heal myself and experimented with many different healing modalities and sought out several different teachers. After ‘remembering’ a traumatic event from my childhood, I became intrigued and curious about how our physical bodies could manifest dis-ease as a result of emotional, mental or spiritual upsets/traumas. This exploration led me to meditation, chanting, yoga, reiki, myofascial release, and craniosacral work. I started connecting more deeply with my inner terrain and discovered aspects of myself that were desperately wanting my attention in order to heal, to integrate and become more whole. It was a difficult time, yet I found(or was guided to?) some loving and supportive teachers and healers who were able to hold and help me through this. I became more accepting of and gentle towards myself and found more ease and freedom by freeing up stuck energy from these previously unprocessed events in my life. I felt more ‘alive’ and contented in my life.

Despite all of this, my heart was yearning for something more, yet I didn’t know exactly what. I still had this nagging feeling of something being wrong with me and I felt like I couldn’t stop until I found that ‘something.’

In 2013 I was introduced to Waking Down in Mutuality ( Now Trillium Awakening). The teachings and transmission of this path penetrated me deeply. I dove in and started investigating this work, reading, watching videos and working with a teacher and mentor regularly. It was such a relief to finally have a structure that made sense to me, that helped me to understand my previous life/spiritual experiences and understand that this feeling of ‘something wrong’ is in fact, actually, who I am. It is created by the tension or rub of being both divine and human, in a body on this earth plane. Knowing this to be who I am at my core eased the tension and I got deep within my being that there was nothing fundamentally wrong with me. I had arrived back home to myself. What a tremendous relief!

In 2013, I had an awakening in and as Consciousness/pure awareness and shortly after, I had my Whole-Being Realization when I recognized myself to not be separate from any ‘other’, that all of creation shared the same essence. I continue to live simultaneously, as both my divine and human nature.

I have been profoundly transformed by this work and I am incredibly grateful for all the awakened teachers and mentors that have helped me along the way. My heart is bursting to create more opportunities for others who desire to engage in this embodied awakening journey. Over the last 4-5 years we have been creating a Trillium Awakening Community here in Burlington for people who are interested in coming together to share themselves intimately and authentically, to connect deeply and to support each other in our awakened and awakening journeys.

I continue to find myself opening more to trusting and allowing life to flow through me and trusting Being to guide me in my life’s purpose. I desire to deepen in relationship with others, to continue to open my heart and be wholeheartedly available to/with others. I vow to continue engaging with others and life with curiosity and deep honoring, to continue to learn and to expand more into my fullness. I feel an immense gratitude for opportunities to be with others that are also wanting to know themselves at deeper and deeper levels, evolving into more of their wholeness.


I trust that your process and unraveling is showing up in a way that is perfect and in right timing for you. There is an intelligence in your unique Being that I honor. It would be a blessing to bear witness to your journey, to witness your deepening into all of who and what you are.

If you feel drawn to connecting with me, please know that you will be warmly welcomed and deeply held. I am open to any questions you have about this work, about myself or your own journey. Please feel free to contact me.

I offer you a free introductory 30 minute session to answer any questions you may have and to see if we might be a good fit to work together.

I work with students one on one in person in Burlington, Ontario, or on skype or telephone. I am offering monthly sittings (group gatherings) at my home in Burlington. Please contact me for dates and times.

May your hungry heart be delightfully nourished.