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“It is not by great personal effort that we find true freedom in embodiment; nor is it discovered by idleness. What catalyzes the recognition of being Divinely human is intentional and persistent association with those who transmit its living grace. The transmission is based in the steadfast acceptance of the paradox that we are both the limited human and the infinite conscious presence, simultaneously.” ~Allan

My Bio

Before the age of four, I took two vows:

1. Never to forget my pre-birth Nature as ever free spirit

2. To find my way home

In 1968 a fierce determination to find ‘knowledge’ took hold of my life. This force carried me through many teachings and inner openings until 1992. That Fall, the individuality dissolved, and what remained was formless presence, immense love, and the knowledge I had sought.

The personal identity soon returned, and the next 12 years marked a period of investigation and stabilization. Some time after 2002, I experienced a strong calling into embodiment. Fortunately, I found my way into the company of those who had gone before me in the heroic journey we call the second birth.

My Gratitude

I feel immense gratitude for everyone in my life. Looking back, I can see that each person has served my development in some way. I no longer yearn to return home, I am home.

To Saniel Bonder and the Trillium Awakening teachers, who were indispensable guides and allies in my integration process. Their wisdom, compassion, and commitment inspire hope and perseverance in the hearts of all people they touch.

To my partner, Gena Netten, with whom I live and love in mutuality, and whose presence is vital and instrinsic to my teaching capacity.

My Offering

Sittings are being held weekly in the New Jersey, Philadelphia area. Our calendar is posted on for central NJ, northern NJ, and Philadelphia.

If you wish to explore with me individually, contact me by email or phone.

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