Amy Conger

Interning Teacher

  • Friendsville, MD, USA
  • 678-662-5156
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Welcome Message

Greetings!  I have a longing to be of service to the world in a way that makes a difference.  The transformation on this path that I’ve seen in myself and others is palpable, tactile, and significant. Mentoring was a key part of my transformation, so I would like to help you in the same manner by listening and being present with you.

Here’s a little bit about me.  I live on a farm in western Maryland in the middle of Appalachia.  I was drawn to this area in the late 1990s for the whitewater kayaking and other outdoor sports available year round.  My parents are outdoorsy people and I thank them for my love of the outdoors.  My experience while hiking in the woods or floating down a river is one of connection with the infinite nature of all life by way of connecting with nature.  Professionally I’ve worked in most of the major cities on the East Coast and have had the following careers:  mechanical engineering, underwater construction, and software engineering.  I was raised in an evangelical Protestant Christian family and went on to study Buddhism after college to try to satiate my thirst for a personal relationship with the divine.  Since then I’ve studied other Eastern traditions and am familiar with Integral Theory.  I was drawn to the Trillium process because I saw noticeable and stable spiritual development in myself in a short amount of time while still kicking the tires.

I can’t wait to meet you!