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The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. -Kabir

I’ve been a seeker for emotional health and deep spiritual connection since the early 1980’s. Twenty years were dedicated to learning from and experiencing as many transformational teachers and processes as possible. Over this time period I found body-centered modalities to be most beneficial: Focusing, Core Energetics, and Psychodrama, to name a few. I explored many spiritual paths and teachers both spiritual and psychosocial over the past 3 decades. I tend to be eclectic by nature: appreciating and learning from diverse teachers, spiritual teachings, psychological frameworks, and the wisdom of Grace and The Mystery.

For more than 10 years I have been in this work, more than 7 of those years in second birth. I’ve developed a deep appreciation for this approach regarding evolving personally and spiritually. A fully embodied spiritual experience is welcomed and celebrated in this work. The guidance of Trillium Awakening teachers, the wisdom and integrity of the collective, and the affirming support of the group are among major elements that form a synergy that ignites transformation.

I’ve chosen to become a mentor to give to others, in gratitude for many gifts and new ways of living the Trillium process has enabled me to create in my life. I’ve transformed the way I see and experience life by consciously discovering and dismantling the conditioning, patterns and beliefs that blocked me from seeing choices, experiencing aliveness and being present to myself and others. I know life as The Mystery, where I practice daily seeing what is before me, free of the projections of the past. Life’s an unending, dynamic, unfolding process rather than a destination to reach.

If you choose to contact me for mentoring, I will be with you as an active listener. In our time together, I will reflect what I hear you saying, listening with my heart, my mind and my soul.

You’ll be free to explore whatever you choose to investigate. I’ll support you as an ally in your self- discovery process.