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Welcome Message

Since 2016 I have been actively mentoring for Trillium Awakening. My Whole Being Realization
in 2011 was one I hadn’t dared to even dream for this lifetime. I feel indebted to this teaching
and my teachers and the community that supported me. In turn, I am grateful for the opportunity
and training to support others in their unfolding processes. The continuity of Pure Awareness
beyond the sense of space and time is of immeasurable value. To experience love in this
human experience, in our simultaneous unlimited and limited capacity, means a lot to me.

Each of us has an individual process. As a Human Design projector type, I feel well suited and
rewarded to help uphold and unfold the unique DNA like blueprint for each individual’s Whole
Being Realization and the what occurs afterward. It’s an organic process that begins to take
hold by virtue of the Trillium Awakening teaching. I hold sacred your authentic drive.

I hope always to hold a safe place for you to do so. As a person subject to some of the darkest
dark nights of the soul, I know what it means to have someone accompany me along the way.

In order to give you a sense of our resonances I let you know that I am a many years long
married person who raised a son. I’ve worked for years as a Natural Therapeutics Specialist.
I’ve had a college education in the arts and process painting has been important. I’m a recovering
anorexic and compulsive overeater.

I have a long studied background in a variety of teachings which serve as a nice kind of library
from which to pull depending upon the student I am mentoring. I was raised as a Jew. I spent a
few years as a student and devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda in my early 20’s. I’ve taken
courses in Buddhism. I have a strong sense of shamanic like energies that came naturally. I’ve
been a long standing student of A Course in Miracles, along with many other historic and
contemporary teachings and teachings. This compilation has helped me piece together
the understanding behind a whole variety of experiences.

Currently, my best times for mentoring are during the week and during the day. I’m open to a
preliminary chat so that you might get a sense if I feel right to you in your ongoing awakening
processes. I wish you well.