Ardith Dean


Welcome Message

This work has profoundly changed my life.
Sharing this work and the gifts this work can bring, is my passion
Meeting in mutuality, the way we do, gives me/us an opportunity to Live LOVE FULLY in the moment
(However that is showing up for me/us in that moment)
We are  Divinely Human
And it is wonderful to drop deep into
The reality of our own unique expression of our Divinely Human Self
With witnesses
(And of course the most important witness being none other than ourselves)
Diving deep into our Divinity
And Diving Deeply into our Humanness
The people I have met along this pathway have touched me so deeply listening to their life stories
Their sorrows and joys
While Witnessing their spiritual evolution
What a privilege.
When I think of them my heart, my whole body starts to warm up
Fulfillment to me is
having the opportunity to create a safe environment to meet and hold with deep respect and heartfelt tenderness the vulnerability of self and other.
Fulfillment for me is embodying the fundamental consciousness that you are and that I am in each moment the remembrance is there
Fulfilment for me is feeling and following the messages of my heart
Fulfillment for me is following my prompts that lead me further into my spiritual evolution
Sharing this work with others gives me the opportunity for that fulfilment
And I do this
with deep gratitude to those that have chosen this path.
To those that have walked before me
To those that walk beside me
And to those who I have yet to meet.