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I’m a fully qualified, practicing family doctor in inner city London and have been consciously on my spiritual journey for the last 20 years, coming across the work of Trillium Awakening back in 2009. I’ve been a mentor for 3 years and in my second life since 2010. Really there aren’t succinct ways to describe how this work and transmission has transformed my life. But for me it has been a radical awakening of the Heart, a depth drop into soul and an acceptance of Life As Is. It has been at times messy and at times overflowing in my own unique awakening process, in connection with others on this rugged and beautifully human path towards extraordinary Ordinariness.

I have a partner who is also a mentor in the work and two beautiful children who have basked in this transmission with us, and our lives have been enriched by the dense Presence that this work calls forward. I remain profoundly grateful and in awe of its simplicity yet radical truth.

I bring to mentoring my self, my presence, my heart and a vast space for you, to share your journey on this spiritually rich human path.