Bill Epperly

Interning Teacher

Welcome Message

A deep sense of connection to all life, in which we feel we belong and in which any sense of alienation from the world drops away, is available here and now, to anyone who truly enters the present moment. This is the spiritual experience at its most fundamental level.

Bill Epperly – A Guide on Your Path to Awakening and Wholeness

Welcome to the Trillium Awakening journey to healing, wholeness, and embodied awakening. I’m Bill Epperly, and I’ve been serving as an Interning Teacher in the Trillium Awakening community since 2020.

Healing and Awakening
Healing is often an important part of the journey to awakening, and to further integration and deepening afterward. I’ve come to this conclusion as I have pursued healing over many years for my own issues including childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, and self-doubt.  These issues continued to impact my life even after Whole Being Realization but healing tools including Vortex Healing have helped me find a place of fundamental wellbeing and greater freedom from my issues. If you’re coming to the journey with significant “issues,” I will invite you to bring your issues into our work together.

A Relational Approach
I bring a lifetime of experience and a relational style to my work. I am committed to facilitating your spiritual exploration. This means holding space for your exploration and emergence, wherever that journey may lead. I will listen to you and with you, leaning in as we try to feel into what is wanting to arise moment to moment. Sometimes, it can be helpful to bring tools like Vortex Healing, focusing, voice dialogue, shadow work and meditation into a session. Your sessions are for you, a place where you can explore whatever is up for you. In terms of our relationship, whether you relate to me as teacher, spiritual friend, or other is your choice. My guiding intention is always to serve you in your ongoing awakening, healing and deepening.

A Lifelong Spiritual Journey
My spiritual journey began in early childhood when I experienced a deep connection to the natural world. This deepened as I grew up and led me to study biology in college, then biochemistry in graduate school. An agnostic at the time, I believed that exploring life at the molecular level would disclose the secrets of Life itself. After an unexpected initial awakening during grad school, I lost all interest in biochemistry. One taste of nondual awareness had reoriented my life from scientist to spiritual seeker.  

From Methodism to Zen to Beyond Categories
My path has taken me from being a somewhat observant Methodist as a child to a place where I feel comfortable calling myself Buddhist, Christian, or simply awake! Along the way, I’ve studied the beliefs and practices of many traditions including contemplative Christianity, Korean Zen Buddhism, Integral Spirituality, the teachings of Adi Da, and energy healing.

Living an Awakened Life in Chicago
I found my path to awakening while living in Chicago, commuting daily to a stressful job, and being engaged with the community. I feel that a balanced spiritual life does not require isolating oneself from life. It’s more about nurturing an intention to awaken and engaging creatively with the process of awakening, wherever it leads. If you’re drawn to embark on this journey together, I invite you to contact me for a no-obligation first session. Together, let’s explore the vast landscape of your spiritual potential.