CC Leigh


Welcome Message

Thanks for checking in. I’ve been waiting for you, hoping you’d come.

See, it’s been clear to me for many years now that my purpose in life is to assist people–like you–in fulfilling their Heart’s deepest urges:

-to know who they are

-for Self-discovery

-for freedom from confusion

-for relief from the nagging unrest at the core of their being

-to know their essential nature

-to be able to love and be deeply intimate

-to discover their inherent divinity, in the midst of their real human lives

-to have a community of their equals

-to bring their seeking to an end

Or however it shows up for you.

I joined Saniel and the Waking Down community in 1999, because I was blown away by how profoundly Saniel saw, affirmed, and called forth each person’s unique expression of Being. There were no cookie-cutter formulas here, nor any insistence on parroting the teacher’s wisdom. (Still aren’t.) It’s about you, and me, and our authentic awakened and awakening expression, individually and together in mutuality.

I clarified my second birth quite directly, and went on to become a teacher-transmitter of Waking Down in Mutuality in 2001. I was a Senior Teacher and a co-founder of the Waking Down Teachers Association along with Krishna Gauci and Ron Ambes.

What I learned from Saniel’s example, and what I most love doing, is creating a safe space for you to explore and cultivate your fullest expression on all levels from the most sublime to the most mundane.

It’s all valid, all good.

I’ve been through a lot in this life (see my awakening story if you want details). I’ve loved deeply, been knocked to my knees by my losses, enjoyed freedom and adventure, and failed rather a lot. I’ve suffered, and known others who suffered beyond what anyone should have to bear. And I’ve been on the brink of madness, unmitigated outrage, and despair, more than once.

Yet I am eternally grateful for the grace that this work has brought me, that enables me to be present to all of this, that permits me to find redemption in even the simplest of things–like moments of real connection between two souls just doing their best to be conscious here in this divinely-human Mystery.

I don’t underestimate what it is to be human, and I can meet you in your most difficult places.

Blessings, CC