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I would love to assist you in the surprise of your Awakening.

More than 40 years ago I had an epiphany, a glimpse of the perfection of our spiritual dimension. The vision was momentary while at the same time eternal. It was utterly simple yet profound beyond measure. I was enveloped in endless silence that somehow supported all creation. I knew with certainty that ultimately I was, we are, unbounded, unmanifest, a state of pure awareness. At that moment, I knew that I was destined to teach others what I witnessed.

This vision initiated a quest for a deeper understanding of that experience. That quest led me to a living, embodied awakening as the source of who I am. Several disciplines have helped me answer the many questions that arose as a result of this vision.

I would love to assist you in the surprise of your awakening.

I invite you to schedule a time to for us connect


If you are still reading, here is a little more about me

I became a Trillium teacher in 2006 and since then have assisted people in embodied awakening.  My Whole Being Awakening in 2003 opened multiple inner doorways revealing just how “whole” life is and the huge range that it includes.  This led me to study several tools which I use as aids to assist students on their path of awakening. These tools include Focusing, Breathwork and energy healing. More recently I have been studying Christian mystical traditions and priests such as Fr Richard Rohr and Cynthia Bourgeault who teach Christian non-dualism.

Organizationally, I was a member of the Trillium Teachers board of directors from 2006-2011 at which time the board was replaced by an operations circle.  I have been part of that circle since 2012. I am also member of the Trillium Teacher’s Visionary Council.

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