Debi Bailey

Interning Teacher

Welcome Message

Hello. Nice to meet you here. I am Debi, a mentor in the work of Trillium Awakening. 

I became involved in Waking Down in 2013, and I felt as though I had come home to myself in all of my deeply flawed and vulnerable humanity. I continue to deepen in the work of Trillium Awakening, had my WBR in 2015, and became a mentor in 2018.

It has been a long journey of learning to deeply embrace the perfect imperfection of being human. The hardest and most challenging experiences (painful childhood, then being a single mom, living in poverty, being in unhealthy relationships) in my life are also the ones that have provided the most growth. These experiences also help me to have compassion and understanding rather than judgement, allowing me to listen from a place open heart and create safe space, deep listening and presence with you, as you explore what is up for you in this moment.

I have spent most of my life in western Washington at the southernmost tip of the Salish Sea. This body of inland water and the dense forests surrounding it have impacted every aspect of who I am. The deep green peace of the forest seems to weave through who I am. I am learning to be still so I can sense into the beings of the more-than- human world. I practice dropping roots where I stand, inter-connecting with the trees. Facing into the wind feels as it blows away that which no longer serves me. The salty tidal waters seem imbued in my bloodstream. As I find a deepening connection with the natural world where I live, I also find a deepening connection with myself.

My children have been some of my greatest teachers, and now, as adults, some of my best friends. I am having an opportunity now, to bask in the special world of “grammy” to my wonderful grandchildren. Those experiences lend themselves to the work I do with families as a parent coach. As I teach parents about the needs of their children, I begin to also recognize the needs of my own wounded inner child and the ways she still needs to be “re-parented” as she is held and acknowledged by my (increasingly healthy) adult self.

I have much gratitude for this generous community and it is an honor to give back (or pay forward) in this role, as I move more deeply into the Trillium community. I look forward to the opportunity to support you, as I have been supported on my journey. Please feel free to connect with me to see if it might be a fit for us to work together.