Deborah Boyar


Welcome Message

I offer support for your journey of coming Home.

Individual sessions are available via Zoom

To attend my sittings in San Rafael, you’re welcome to join my Meetup group.

The profoundly loving regard of our unique community has been a precious resource in my life. I am honored to share the welcome, heart, attunement, and tender care originally embodied in our work.

I love to offer primal holding in dark places that have been challenging so that the energies bound there in exile can gradually integrate. I welcome your native Being, and will hold space for you to let down from effort and striving.

I joined the Waking Down community in 1998, and passed through my awakening transition in 1999. I have taught this work since 2002, and was honored to serve as a Waking Down and then Trillium Awakening Senior Teacher during the decades that designation was active.

My academic degrees are in Art History, French Translation, and Somatic Psychology, and my approach to Trillium Awakening is deeply informed by my training in Somatic Experiencing and many systems of body psychotherapy, my interest in Integral evolutionary spirituality, Tibetan Buddhism, and as a devotee of Adi Da.

Together with Ron Ambes, Hillary Davis, and Krishna Gauci, I co-founded the Institute for Awakened Mutuality in 2005. In 2010, I introduced Holacracy to our teachers circle, and have been a member of our Trillium Awakening Operations Circle since its inception. In India, I’ve offered trauma healing to tsunami survivors and refugees, and I co-founded a trauma resolution clinic at a Petaluma homeless shelter.

Most importantly, I am interested in YOU. What is unfolding, what is blocked, what is scary, what is free? Let’s connect and explore together, in sacred tender space.

My coaching work is for educational and inspirational purposes only. The information and experiences I offer are in no way a substitute for diagnosis, advice, and/or treatment by a medical or mental health professional or counselor. If you believe that you have a health problem, please consult with a licensed physician before beginning alternative modalities or coaching.