Esther Duffy Smith


Welcome Message

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here. After reading this page, I welcome you to make contact to explore if we would be a good match. As a Trillium Awakening mentor, I would like to offer the same support I’ve received from this work. To meet you where you are at, and welcome all of who you are.

I came across the Waking Down work in 2006, while traveling and exploring spirituality. I was in my mid-twenties, enjoying the exploration of personal development, healing and different spiritual paths. I had left Christianity in my late teens and graduated with a science degree in my early 20s. My explorations were focused on something that had some level of felt experience – particularly meditation and energy healing. I explored a lot of my unconscious patterning with therapists and life coaches, spending 2 years with a wonderful energetic healer and life coach who gently helped me realize my issues with self worth and self love. I was not seeking awakening, but that’s when this work found me.

A friend gave me a copy of the audio book Healing the Spirit Matter Split, and I still clearly remember how profound it felt at the time. Here was a book that was able to piece together both the spirit and the matter, and expressed things in a way that fit with what I intuitively knew. I then met Saniel and Linda in September 2007 and remember feeling so deeply welcomed into all of who I am – with all the beauty and the flaws of this particular human form.

This process has offered me something that nothing else did beforehand. It has allowed me to fully integrate all of who I am, incorporating the spiritual and physical form. It’s allowed me to have an awakening into and as me (and yes – after 8 years it’s still hard for me to say that). The healing and integration continues to deepen over the years, with the wonderful support of many teachers, mentors and community members, for whom I will remain eternally grateful. As a Trillium Awakening mentor, I would love to share this with others.

Please contact me via email if you would like to set up an initial conversation.