Fax Gilbert


Welcome Message

My lifelong partner Sharon and I met on a Transcendental Meditation teachers course in 1972 in Santa Barbara California and have been teaching together ever since. We’ve administered meditation centers and retreat facilities and inspired and taught thousands of people to meditate throughout the United States and in several foreign countries.

We each went through our own version of “the rot” before getting involved in the Waking Down work in 2002. Several awakenings and dark nights of the soul later we became mentors, and then in 2007, teachers of that work. We are now Trillium Awakening teachers.

I enjoy the freedom to express teaching in my own way, and marvel at the unique unfolding of each person in this mysterious process of personal growth and discovery.

I am also an artist/educator and use the performance skills of mime, masks and improvisation to teach and inspire students of all ages toward their own creative expressions. Since 1990 I have presented over 5000 school assembly programs, residencies, and community concerts, and keynoted many regional educational events. I now split my time between my work as a Trillium Awakening teacher and delivering a range of educational and performance programs throughout the Midwest. I grew up in Boston and graduated from Brandeis University.

In my individual Trillium Awakening coaching sessions, I use some of the same holding, trust, clarification and creative skills I developed for my theater work to enhance my ability to enable students to relax into their authentic core and come forward from there.

Over the past several years I have developed a simple self-inquiry process for those involved in this work to elicit a deeper awakening, clarification and embodiment of their identity as consciousness. A powerful tool to bring forth the Being that registers and embodies everything else we are, this process has proven to be of great value for both new and second life participants on the Trillium path.

Personal Offerings: Individual sessions, Consciousness Clarification session, sittings, mutuality groups, and intensives