Jim Trofatter

Interning Teacher

Welcome Message

I began exploring this work in 2004. It has allowed me to explore my own Being in a safe environment; in a container capable of holding both the chaos of the unknown and status quo of society. It’s what I like to think of as a functional family situation where when I talked, I was heard and seen and felt by the others in a non-judgmental way. It was a refreshing experience.

I had my second birth while attending the Transfiguration Retreat in 2005. I started the week with an angry outburst at Saniel yelling that all this “second birth” stuff was nothing but empty words and a bunch of hoo-wee (exact word cannot be printed: *!#%*!!@$). My small-group teachers and peers held me so dearly that I was able to directly experience a huge amount of grief and pain that had gone unacknowledged for decades. This magnificent week brought me back to my Self. It bought me home. I ended the week by telling Saniel I now understood what he was talking about.

I still continue to experience openings into my Self to myself in ways that support the opening even more in a beautiful, infinite cycle of Self-revelation. This cycle of Self-revelation is just one of the many reasons why I love this work, why mentoring has called me to be present for others as others have been present for me. It’s the present that keeps on giving and that, interesting enough, keeps receiving.

Because of this experience of Self facilitated by this work, I have come to realize my life’s purpose, which is to help people express their true Selves. This process is not about “fixing” ourselves, but allowing ourselves to transform spontaneously through a relaxation into who we are, or alternatively, through a facilitated path that allows us to recognize and honor who we are in the moment.

I would enjoy being part of your journey of Self discovery. Feel free to contact me when questions arise or just to have a conversation with a fellow traveler.


At this point in our evolution, it’s not about freeing ourselves from the ego, it’s about liberating our ego from the conditioning and pain that it is holding in order to keep us safe: safe from ourselves, safe from others and safe from a hyper-masculine culture that is afraid of our uniqueness, authenticity and innate power. The ego is more of a gate-keeper and is not structured for this responsibility of holding; and because of this it has to make do the best way it can. Unfortunately the only model it has to work from is dysfunctional – it always has been. The Trillium process provides a functional model alternative. This is part of the unique offering and power of this dharma.