Jim Trofatter

Welcome Message

Whole Being Realization is the beginning of a new direction in our lives, not an endpoint that we achieve. We don’t sit back after it say, “I’m done. I reached the pinnacle of the spiritual path. There is nothing else to do” It’s simply a new orientation to how we interact and perceive the world. We begin to see that we are completely interdependent and seamless with Reality as it spontaneously and continuously arises. Reality has and will always support us because in essence it is supporting itself.

Our realization begins a process where we unravel the constrictions / traumas of our lives, our ancestry and our planet. It’s a journey without a path. It’s a journey toward become a self-aware, embodied, conscientious human being living their life authentically with other self-aware, embodied, conscientious human beings, eight billion of them. The pathless path is unique to each of us. The paths outside us no longer seem to serve their purpose. This is an inward journey, a journey into the mystery of ourselves and Creation. We may be drawn to others who are sharing similar experiences and journeys, but ultimately our journey is ours and ours alone. Others can show us that certain milestones may arise: appreciation of our own power, finding our voice to speak our truth, being comfortable with our uniqueness and a beautiful heart opening that feels luscious and breath-taking; but these will arise in your time, not according to a set formula or your teacher’s own unique unfolding.

To be human is to be imperfect, but it doesn’t mean we have to be violent or abusive in that imperfection. There are gentle ways for humans to interact with each other even in our brokenness. Our imperfections mean we get to make mistakes, own them, learn from them, apologize for some of them, when necessary. In the making of mistakes, we get the pleasure to learn more about who and what we are, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We will always remain a mystery to ourselves because our transcendent nature can never be fully known, but it can be explored, endlessly it seems. This is the role of teacher, or perhaps facilitator would be a better title. Someone who does not dictate how we should walk this pathless path, but to help us unfold into the mystery of ourselves as we walk it.

At this point in our evolution, it’s not about freeing ourselves from the ego, it’s about liberating our ego from the conditioning and pain that it is holding in order to keep us safe: safe from ourselves, safe from others and safe from a hyper-masculine culture that is afraid of our uniqueness, authenticity and innate power. The ego is more of a gate-keeper and is not structured for this responsibility of holding; and because of this it has to make do the best way it can. Unfortunately the only model it has to work from is dysfunctional – it always has been. The Trillium Awakening process provides a functional model alternative. This is part of the unique offering and power of this dharma.