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Welcome Message

Welcome seekers, wanderers, skeptics, wonderers ~

I look forward to meeting you if my profile sparks an interest and you think I might be a good companion as you explore your embodied spiritual awakening. Trillium Awakening is a path of mutuality. Partnering with others on this path is a source of joy, love and growth.

I am a co-creator of the vibrant Trillium Awakening community in Olympia, WA. We have dozens of active participants for our sittings, workshops and social events. Over the years we have had four teachers in our community. Currently one other teacher and I are active.

As a life long learner and practitioner of personal growth, my road has been long and windy. Some of the paths that preceded Trillium include: Self Realization Fellowship, Primal Scream, Option Process, Technologies for Creating, The Work, Emotional Freedom Technique, Eye Movement Desensitization Response, Focusing, Internal Family Systems, Shamanism (Peruvian and Celtic), Yoga, etc. This mix of spiritual, emotional and psychological tools enabled me to benefit from a wholistic approach to my development and evolution.

CREATE!, the system I teach for accessing depth creativity, divine guidance and universal wisdom, perfectly prepared the ground for my Whole Being Realization, which happened quickly when I encountered the Trillium path over a decade ago. Seeing so many people in my own community awaken — many quite quickly — has been tremendously rewarding. In addition to teaching CREATE!, I have been a business and personal coach for 24 years. In that capacity, I have the privilege of shepherding my amazing clients as they create lives that work for them and that they love. My Trillium transmission is a tremendous asset and integral to all I do with clients.

I am a high creative: I paint, I write, I dance, I garden, I cook, I teach, I coach. Here I show up as a Trillium Awakening Teacher. I bring useful tools with me but mostly I humbly stand at this threshold willing to offer myself to those that are drawn to me. If you feel curious or inclined, please get in touch for a free get-acquainted session. My experience tells me that your infallible, trustworthy teacher already lives wholly within you. At best I serve as a stimulus to draw out of you that which you already know and already are but maybe have not realized or have forgotten.

My path to awakening was long and circuitous. More Central American jungle track than North American super highway. I definitely identified as a seeker until I finally called a preemptive strike in midlife. I obviously wasn’t going to “make it” in this lifetime. I didn’t work hard enough at it. I didn’t have a disciplined spiritual practice. I kept trying to solve the mystery rather than BE the mystery. Despite my efforts I always found myself back where I started from – very human, very limited, very alone, very dissatisfied.

My introduction to the Trillium Awakening path was in the spring of 2012 through a small group of friends. My initial reaction was weary resistance. Not another cosmology. Not another spiritual vocabulary. Not another round of empty promises. Then quite quickly two of my peers awakened. I saw with my own eyes, heard with my own ears, felt with my own heart and was stirred in my own Being. Still skeptical but also by then already deep in my own unraveling, I started quickly sliding down. Down into my life, my body, my awakening.

Miraculously I made it to the TR in 2013 and experienced my Whole Being Realization on our “free” day: I awoke as LOVE. Although I had voiced no expectations, if you had asked me I would have told you I was in line for a consciousness awakening since my predisposition was to the mental, the “up,” the white light. But Being had another plan. I was melted and forged in the fires of Love. The pole shift was from my mind to my heart. I walked around blushing in a several month long state of whole Being bliss. Over time this way of Being became the new normal. Since then I’ve been a mostly agog explorer in a familiar yet totally new world. My slowly, carefully constructed, mostly invisible to me identity continues to dissolve. Yet I am left clothed resplendently in light and love.

From a CREATE! writing (the process I teach for accessing depth creativity, divine guidance and universal wisdom at will):

My ears now have eyes.
My heart now a secret decoder.
My gut digests the morsels of each moment in your presence.
Listening, from the simplest nod of acknowledgment
to the deepest axis shift,
is the coin of this realm.
When I listen to you, I am listening to me.
I am listening to Being excavating the archeological layers of Itself.
I am listening to the songs of humanity, the dirges, the reels,
the operas, the kirtans.
May my Being silently witness the unraveling of all that is not true,
that is not you.
May my Being invite you forth and welcome you home.

Let’s meet for a complementary call (phone or zoom) to explore the rich realm of your life, your longing, your loving.

New Essay March 2020
Trust in God and Tie Your Camel

From Steve Boggs following our joint workshop “The Fierce Ardor of the Awakening Heart”:

Joanne Lee is a truly remarkable teacher whose abilities stem from both a life well and fully lived and from a profound awakening. She is a poet, a weaver, a business trainer, an artist, an entrepreneur, a chef, a dancer and a coach. Her depth of wisdom and steady presence perfectly complement her approachability and easy humor. Joanne’s awakening landed her in an astonishing depth and intensity of love that took some time to adjust to and has left her living in a tender and porous communion with all things.
Meet with her, you’ll see.