Margit Bantowsky


Welcome Message

Do you feel stuck, confined, confused, restless, hopeless, or lost?

Are you longing to feel more liberated yet also more fully engaged?

Do you desire to give yourself and your unique gifts into the world?

Have you already awakened, but still feel there’s something “more?”

These desires and longings are sacred, and sourced from a soulful place deep inside of you that senses “There’s must be something more than this…”

And there is! There is always so much more that lies just beyond reach and imagination – that’s the nature of an infinite universe. However, there is also “so much more” that can be attained in this lifetime. It is possible, to awaken into your conscious, embodied, non-separate wholeness.

What we call whole-being realization happens on this path quite reliably and predictably – many hundreds of practitioners have come here for this kind of “landing” and have achieved it within a relatively short amount of time.

But wait…there’s even more! Whole-being realization is just a beginning – it’s the first step in a process that radically reconfigures your entire being which, after a number of years of “shadow work,” can culminate in yet another level of realization which some call singularity.

At this point, you are liberated to express your no-longer-ego-centric uniqueness in a flow of action that’s completely embedded within and naked to the Flow of Life itself. Here, you can enjoy the ultimate satisfaction and ecstasy of Being Lived.

As a Trillium Awakening teacher, I offer you my hand and my heart as ballast as you navigate and relax into the full spectrum of who and what you are. My own path has been quite challenging, and I offer you the steady comfort of knowing that it’s possible to come out the other side, even when sometimes it feels like you can’t or won’t.

I welcome you to be exactly as you are, moment by moment, and for your awakening journey to be unique to you, along with any skepticism and doubt, or brilliant revelations you might have along the way. There’s room for your story, laughter, ego, tears, pain, secrets, genius, and delights as you gently relax your way home – home into your Self, and home into Life.

I offer my love of life’s terrifying and magnificent spectrum, my ever-deepening sensitivity to suffering in all forms, my unshakable delight in being incarnated, and my absolute trust in it All. I support you into, through, and beyond your whole-being realization to the unfathomably liberating territory of Singularity in Flow.

I also offer an opportunity to explore how you are authentically moved to respond to the suffering and joys of the world, and to be of service in ways that honor your uniqueness, passions, skills, and limitations, and which are fundamentally sourced in Trust in Being.

Being of service in alignment with the Flow of Life in, through, and as you, can bring a sense of purpose and meaning like nothing else can. It can also be a profound spiritual practice, deepening your awakening on all levels.

In addition to the beautiful, catalytic Trillium Awakening teachings, I draw from my graduate studies in depth psychology, Level 4 training in Inner Relationship Focusing developed by Ann Weiser Cornell, training in Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process, and various expressive arts practices using images, writing, and/or movement.

If you feel curious, I’d be delighted to have an exploratory conversation to see if we’re a good fit for one another. May you follow what you are drawn to, and I wish you well wherever your path leads you.

Love and blessings, Margit


Feel free to use my convenient online scheduling service if you want to quickly and easily set up an introductory session with me:

I offer in-person sessions in Olympia, WA, as well as sessions via Zoom or phone if you’re out-of-town. My sliding scale rate starts at $75/hour.

I offer a nominal fee reduction as reparation to people who are assigned minoritized rank due to age, disability, religion, ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, indigenous heritage, national origin (immigrant), and gender. My Reparations sliding scale starts at $60/hr.

If you want to check me out further:


“Margit is very gifted in joining people in their self-exploration and quickly hones in on the most important issues. Her discernment is laser-like as she helps catalyze people’s growth and unfolding.” ~~ Kirstin Eventyr, MA, Interning Trillium Teacher, Counselor, Healer

“Thank you so much Margit for offering and holding this intimate, potent and clear space for us to gather. I found your presence so gracious and felt a big invitation for us as a group to really meet and create together. What is still resonating for me is the gift of  being seen in a kind of tender, fledgling state and a deep gratitude for your care and spaciousness.”  ~~ S.M.

“Margit meets me in the exquisite embrace of gentle witness.  As a profound listener, she brings deep insights into my unique combination of divine and all-to-human self, as we explore in complete safety the essential vulnerability inherent in this journey as a human being.  As “light holder” on this Awakening journey, Margit provides expert guidance, by being with all aspects of this embodiment process, engaging with the felt perceptions of an emotional, sometimes irrational, extremely sensitive, wounded animal…me.

Before Margit, I realized there was a spiritual dimension to this journey on Earth.  With Margit’s guidance, I am now deeply connected to Divine Consciousness, and at the same time, connecting to myself as a fully-awake participant in the journey to Wholeness.” ~~Sherri Dysart, WA

“Dear Margit,
​I wanted to share an appreciation with you. I was saying this to to a friend a couple weeks ago and felt it again last night. I think you have an amazing gift for honing in on just the right words for feedback.  Like a laser.”

“I benefitted immensely from the flawless structure Margit created, and from her beautiful leadership qualities. From a compassionate ground of awakened intelligence, Margit welcomed our human nature, conditioning, and aspirations, and offered her own. The result was a novel, emergent, integrative approach to activism. I deeply look forward to more!” ~~ Deborah Boyar, Trillium Awakening teacher

Member of Association for Spiritual Integrity