Marlene Gotz


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Welcome Message

I have been involved with Trillium Awakening since September 2010. What I thought was a book club when I first joined Geri Portnoy’s community mutuality group has transformed my life into being a more whole, awakened, conscious being.

Before I began this work, I was just living my life without awareness with no real tools and/or support to uncover those core issues that were a part of me and that were holding me back. I didn’t know I could trust my being to have the strength to pause when triggered and to feel the emotions. I have learned through this work to hold whatever comes up and to have the willingness to explore these feelings, to hold them and see them for what they are and how they serve me.

I look forward to holding space for you where you can feel safe in bringing forth language to your deepest feelings. This piece of knowledge was one of the greatest gifts I received from my Teachers. Knowing I will be able to provide a safe place for that process to unfold for you, brings me great joy.

It will be a blessing for me to mentor you on your path of spiritual awakening–to hold you with care, openness, light and love.