Ralf Humphries

Interning Teacher

Welcome Message


DESPITE SO MANY PROMISING glimpses and openings, perhaps your journey seems to have run aground, lost momentum, come unstuck, disappeared into some grey abyss. You have exhausted so many paths, and you’re wondering what, if anything, is next? Perhaps you’ve given up on all that seemed important to pursue in life. You feel like there’s some slow, terrible, bewildering, inexplicable disintegration underway, and you don’t know where it’s heading—whether to trust it, or fight it with all your might. But, when you struggle against it, clearly it’s futile….

What is it that comes to support a human being in fulfilling the destiny softly stirring within them—as the diamond of their elemental soul nature—even when it seems like all is lost?

What is it that nurtures a being to blossom into their incarnate and sovereign self? The one we sense wants to come through?

The answer is simple.

It’s the Sun, Soil and Rain of Being Seen, Being Met, Being Loved

Can you hear the call to full flowering within you?

Let’s give that flower just what it needs.

* * *


I’M delighted you’re taking an interest in the alchemy of Trillium Awakening, and considering finding a teacher to support you in the next steps of your own deep incarnation process.

In the Trillium work, there is a precious opportunity to meet regularly one-on-one with a teacher, who meets you where you are. They meet you not with a teaching about how you should or could be, if you just trimmed away this deficit or that weakness, or dropped your mask. Not with a teaching that suggests you would be better off if you were more like the teacher. They meet you where and as you are, in the midst of living as you. In your moment-to-moment living truth.

Where else can you be found?

Together, let’s Be the Seeing, Be the Meeting, and Be the Love that’s co-realising you, and me, and every one of us.

* * *


After many life adventures and peregrinations, including two decades of academic research, and after five years living in contemplative solitude in the mid-2000’s, I arrived at the doorstep of Trillium Awakening in 2011. It was with the multi-dimensional support of this community that I realized my whole-being nature in May, 2013.

My conscious nature is who I am
My embodied nature is what I am
My heart nature is how I am,
The way I am,
The way I am with the truth
of who I am and what I am,
The way I am with you,
The way I am with the truth
of who you and what you are.

My conscious nature is the Witness.
My embodied nature is the Witnessed.
My heart nature is the WITHNESS.

WITHNESS is the key to the kingdom.

WITHNESS drops you little by little into the truth of your essential self.

* * *


In the last 7 years, I have worked as a counseling and psychotherapy educator and as an addiction treatment clinician. I have an ongoing private practice as a psychotherapist. Today, primarily, I am pioneering the work of whole being soul fruition through Trillium Awakening, in the company of wonderful Trillium students and my wonderful collective of richly realised teacher colleagues.

I am the editor of New Principles of Awakened Relationship (2018) by Rod Taylor (also a Trillium Awakening teacher), a book which explores the ever deepening love-discovery of self and other in the field of relationship. I’m collaborating with Rod on the Whole-Being Evolution™ Map, which reveals seven archetypal stages beyond initial whole being realization.

There is a simple magic of gravity itself that drops us into the core of this very form that we are—to reveal the whole treasure within.

I live in the western suburbs of Melbourne, in Australia, with my beloved partner.