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Welcome Message

This journey through life is precious. Each moment full of potential, possibility, grace. You have come upon one of the many pathways through this life of spirit and matter. A pathway that you hope will lead to something like happiness, well being, awakening. Whatever the destination, the hope is to arrive at someplace better than where you are now and, if you’re like me, you’ve been traveling a long time. Take off your backpack, sit by the fire, relax and share a bit of your journey with me. Let’s take a break from the restless and relentless searching, and be curious about what is currently showing up in your life.

The way through is found within the current moments experience. As we learn to relax and lean deeply into the moment, moving towards what is being experienced rather than away, the radiant wisdom of Being can be revealed and offer guidance into a more creative, fulfilling, and awakened response to life. I would be honored to sit by the fire and share a bit of this precious journey with you.

I’ve been on the journey of spirit/soul for 35 years and worked as a psychologist for 20. I’ve explored many paths, mostly Buddhist flavored, continue to have a daily meditation practice, and spend time in the natural world as often as possible. I also study and teach qigong and hand drumming.