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Welcome Message

Greetings! I’m pleased to offer my services to help you investigate the Trillium approach and explore your own awakening unfoldment. It is a joy for me to work with people who want to share their personal process and receive support as we meet together Being to Being. I’d love to hear from you.


My Summary

I have been practicing and teaching awakening knowledge and techniques for over 45 years. In 2005, through participation in whole being realization work founded by Saniel Bonder and now offered through Trillium Awakening, I experienced a foundational shift into non-dual conscious embodied awakening. I realized my infinite non-separate wholeness, simultaneously integrated with my finite nature of individual self. I now love working with others to support their processes of awakening in wholeness and love.

I have been a teacher of Trillium Awakening whole being realization programs and services since 2007, a member of the Visionary Council of the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle since 2018, and a certified Trillium Awakening Whole Being Realization Clarifier since 2019. I’m the originator of the Whole Being Evolution Teachings, creator of the Whole Being Evolution Map™ reflecting 8 stages of awakened whole being realization, and author of the book New Principles of Awakened Relationship. I live with my beloved wife Andrea on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. 

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About Rod – by Saniel Bonder

“If you are interested in embodying your own authentic, both fully human and deeply divine presence with integrity and sensitivity, I heartily encourage you to find a way to spend real time benefiting from the personal presence, transmission, and teaching help of Rod Taylor. Rod has a knack for getting to the simple essences and for deeply listening to and finding ways to communicate those essences to each person as a totally unique individual. His understanding is superb, his awakened nature is deeply realized, and he is as kind as he is wise. Don’t miss an opportunity to spend serious time with him individually, in workshops, and in sittings.” –Saniel Bonder, founder of Waking Down in Mutuality®, author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split


My Awakening Path

Throughout a long period of my adult life, I eagerly sought enlightenment. I practiced long meditations twice a day, attended lengthy in-residence meditation retreats, studied spiritual and self-development books, pursued evolutionary lifestyle choices, and taught meditation practices and spiritual knowledge.

My path brought significant subtle inner experience, but it wasn’t bringing me all the way to my goal of awakening. In the mid-1990s, after well over two decades in this pursuit, I came to realize and then accept I wasn’t going to accomplish my spiritual goal in this lifetime. Yet I continued to stay involved in the same type of things that had brought me deep inner experience because I still loved to do them and they provided upliftment and balance. I also engaged in many additional processes for spiritual refinement as well as for emotional healing that I wanted and needed. However, I no longer expected they would get me to my ultimate spiritual goal.

In 2003, I came across Saniel Bonder and the Waking Down in Mutuality community. I found their ideas intriguing and yet there were aspects of that teaching which at that time seemed to me to contradict important truths that I had learned on my spiritual path. Things like how to reach enlightenment and the nature of enlightenment that I understood came from 5,000 years of respected Eastern spiritual traditions. Nevertheless, something in the Waking Down perspective caught my inner attention, and I jumped into it as an open-ended experiment.

Awakening Self  1

I received deep personal support from teachers and mentors in that work and I learned how to become increasingly connected with all aspects of myself. I healed emotionally hurt parts of myself and eased underlying feelings of unworthiness. I came to more fully recognize Consciousness as my fundamental nature and I experienced Consciousness drop within my body.

Then in May 2005, after a year and a half in that work, I had my conscious embodied Awakening. I realized my undivided, non-separate wholeness with all that is. In Waking Down terms this was referred to as a second birth awakening and in Trillium Awakening this is referred to as Whole Being Realization — Consciousness, Embodiment, and Mutuality. Paradoxically this awakening simultaneously includes knowing my infinite embodied nature in oneness with all that is and my finite, limited nature of individual self. I discovered the Wholeness of myself in the midst of sometimes-messy, everyday, real life, with no separation.

With that shift, my lifelong spiritual search came to an end – not as an intellectual conclusion, but as an internally felt sense. I no longer had a spiritual yearning; that place in me had now been fulfilled or completed. However, it turned out that this shift was not the end; it was the beginning of a whole new evolutionary stage of life – a stage in which the limited finite aspects of myself would have opportunity to be more fully seen, held, and integrated within my wholeness. My individuality had more access to healing, evolutionary impulses, and connecting deeply with others. And my interest and enthusiasm for new knowledge and processes that enhance my integration and personal unfoldment seemed more openly accessible to me, without any inherent need now that they lead me to some further ultimate realization. Personal challenges would arise, awkwardly or uncomfortably at times, while simultaneously I could experience a profound foundation of wholeness and wellness. I sometimes found myself affected by influences of past wounding and other times I was stirred by awareness of my infinite nature, with my open recognition of both these aspects of myself supporting my increasing experience of Wholeness.

I continued to work with teachers in this work, attended retreats designed for post whole being realization, and facilitated peer mutuality groups in my local community. I became a Mentor of Trillium Awakening in May 2006 and a Teacher of Trillium Awakening in October 2007 (called Waking Down in Mutuality until the teachers’ association renamed itself Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle). In both of these roles working regularly with Trillium Awakening students in personal sessions, and as a teacher developing and delivering workshops and retreats, I found myself deepening in my awakened nature, growing in trust in the evolutionary movement of being, and clarifying my understandings of the unfoldment of whole being realization.

It was surprising and satisfying when one day in May 2009 I realized the oscillations of awareness between my infinite nature and my finite nature, that naturally occur during the initial years of integration and reconfiguration of whole being realization, had now ceased. I had landed in a stable, unshakable, triadoxical ground of freedom, trust, and interconnectedness. While surface oscillations in the flux of day to day life, personal circumstances, and conditions of my nature would continue, the stable ground of this Whole Being Continuity Realization, became lived as the seamless flow of whole being awakened life.

Evolving Awakened Self  1

In September 2009, this integrated continuity emerged into the fullness of Whole Being Heart Realization. In contrast to earlier stages of my path where I had recognized Consciousness emerging in the area of my head, and then later experienced a shift into embodied Conscious awareness, I now also knew Consciousness as having its seat in my heart – not as an emotional feeling in an energetic heart center, but as the truth of universal conscious awareness seated in my heart. This awareness allowed my finite personality preferences or discomforts to coexist with the experience of my open heart in which all people and all things live and are held in unconditional love. The awakened heart nature reverberated through the cells of my body and became known by me as embodied core love. And my interpersonal emotional love became open, expanded, and flowing to, from, and with all of creation.

Living whole being heart realization became the underpinning for an emerging discovery of my inner existential core as a trinity of Consciousness–Being–Universal Love. In September 2014, this inner dynamic truth, which I came to recognize as the creation-point of my existence, became the conscious embodied ground for my Whole Being Fire of Life Realization. While fluctuations would occur in the locus of my perspective during the ongoing integration process, this realization brought a quantum shift from being a realizer, to being Being; from conscious in, to conscious as creation unfolding.

From the perspective of the alchemical fire of life realization, the lifelong path of self realization and awakening was complete and whole. It was therefore remarkable in May 2017, to be seated in this stabilized fulfillment of self, Source manifest as the fire of life in my form, and then to have the distinct, separate realization of ‘No Self’. Self awake as the alchemical fire of life was true, and ‘no self’ was also true. The whole being realized self didn’t need to be protected, defended, or justified – it was a fundamental truth. Simultaneously ‘no self’ was true, without need to justify or make sense of it. While this Whole Being ‘No Self’ Realization was initially accompanied by some confusion, it soon became comfortably lived as a stage of being Awake as Self–No Self. Two truths simultaneously known and lived.

Sacred Awakening  1

Living the paradox of ‘Self–No Self’ was illuminating and enlivening, and it was also logically confusing. Yet, there was no need to do anything, nor was there actually anything to do about this fundamental truth. Self relaxed into living this dual truth in the ongoing flow and fulfillment of whole being life. This innocent surrender eventually gave way in March 2018 to the grace of realization of ‘Self – No Self’ as a continuum of ‘Source, beyond form’ to ‘Source, ever present in and as form’. This became Whole Being Sacred Essence Realization – the knowing, experiencing, and feeling of Sacred in, as, and with, all that is.

The Sacred as knowable, observable, and feelable became the norm. Sacred as atoms, one’s cells, the dynamic between everything, always Source and always all. In Sacred Essence Realization, sacredness is in all, present as all, and interconnecting with all. It was from this ground of realization, that in October 2018 the unimagined grace of realizing Sacred Heart of Self emerged — the seat of the divine, the sacred spark of life, seated in the center of the chest, as a trinity of Sacred Heart of Life—Sacred Fire of Creation—Sacred Source of All. Conscious as Sacred Heart of Self became the inner core essence of Whole Being Sacred Self Realization that simultaneously clarified.

It was very moving to discover that this stage of the ‘whole being paradigm of conscious embodied realization’ included realizing the divine in human form as oneself, as each other self, and as all levels of self in creation. Sacred love became identified as the impulse of life, the nature of creation, and the interrelatedness of everyone and everything throughout creation.

Sacred Wholeness  1

Ongoing stabilization, integration, and refinement of whole being sacred self realization over an extended period of Sacred Transformation, ultimately brings human evolution to fulfillment in the realization, being, and living in, as, and with all Creation.

It was unexpected and deeply moving when in August 2019, my awareness of Conscious as Sacred Heart of Self opened to the realization of Sacred Heart of All as the truth at the core of creation.

In March 2020, a remarkable realization of Golden Sacred Singularity emerged with clarity in me in a defining moment. This was sacred conscious–embodied–creation perceived as sacred golden light, in sacred formless form, with sacred singular love as the unity at the core of creation.

This further enlivened the Sacred Transformation stirring at the core of my sacred self realization, culminating November 2021 in Whole Being Sacred Wholeness Realization — Sacred Source known as All, Sacred Fire experienced as All, and Sacred Heart felt as All.

This realization brought an additional evolutionary transformation from living personal Whole Being Soul Fulfillment to discovering Universal Sacred Soul as the underlying truth of Self. With this shift, the stage of Awake as Conscious Sacred Wholeness became established in consciously living the singular universal truth of Sacred Source Awake as AllSacred Source Manifest as AllSacred Source Heart of All.

Ongoing Evolution

This process of whole being evolution continues endlessly unfolding through awareness, experience, and integration of unfinished, evolving personal aspects of myself; through increasingly feeling and expressing loving mutuality in individual and collective conscious relationships in my life; and through growing insight and refinement in recognizing Source expressed in, as, and with all aspects of creation.

It is thrilling to be on this journey of awakening in, as, and through the field of existence and to discover the cognitions, revelations, and scriptures of past generations now illuminated in the conscious embodied realization of Source:  Conscious as Sacred Awareness—Manifest as Sacred Being—Interconnected as Sacred Love.

Terms used for advancing Whole Being Realizations in the ‘Awakening Self’, ‘Evolving Awakened Self’ , ‘Sacred Awakening,’  and ‘Sacred Wholeness’ sections above, come from the “Whole Being Evolution Map™”


My Background

My path of spiritual evolution consciously began in my early adulthood. I have been meditating regularly since 1970, and teaching meditation and spiritual knowledge since 1973.

My regular practice of various forms of meditation originally began when I learned Transcendental Meditation® (TM) in 1970. I became a TM Teacher in 1973 and actively taught TM for about 25 years. Over the years I learned and practiced the TM-Sidhi Programme® and many other advanced TM programs and techniques, and participated in numerous months-long in-residence meditation retreats. My TM meditation practices and teaching role were invaluable to me experiencing transcendent consciousness, expanding my awareness, connecting with the Infinite, releasing stress, maintaining balance and good health, and contributing to the lives of others.

In 1995 I began to actively engage in a rich variety of additional healing, personal development, and spiritual modalities, and then facilitate others in their practice and knowledge in these areas. I particularly benefited from Divine Will, Soul Love and other meditation programs from Orin and Sanaya Roman; Awakening Your Light Body meditation programs and retreats from Daben and Duane Packer; and Pangu Shengong Qigong Moving Form, Non-Moving form, Advanced Form, and Healing Skill developed by Master Ou Wen Wei. Over the years, these various processes brought healing and expansion to my heart, experience of consciousness as a field, and enlivenment of energetic flow throughout my body.

I learned internal awareness processes, including training in Focusing, that can help people connect and be present with bodily sensations, allowing resolution of inner issues and discomforts, and providing ways to shift from overactive thinking to being more present in the now. I’ve also received training in the Option Process Dialogue, a supportive way to help others explore personal issues, uncover beliefs, and let go of obstacles to health and happiness.

In 2002, I became a certified instructor of Pan Gu Shengong, a form of Chinese Qigong – a powerful healing practice designed to absorb Qi (universal energy) to increase vitality, strengthen spirit, restore balance, improve health, and enhance wellbeing. I teach a Moving Form, Meditation Form, and Healing Skill of this Qigong. I’ve found these practices to be wonderfully complementary to the work I offer as a Trillium Awakening teacher, as they provide embodying, balancing and energizing support for ongoing integration, health and well being.

I became a teacher of Trillium Awakening™ programs and services in 2007 (called Waking Down in Mutuality until the teachers’ association renamed itself Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle). Supporting participants in their processes of whole being realization has been a rich, fulfilling and evolutionary experience for me. In contrast with my teaching experience in other fields where there was an intention to pass on knowledge from another source, supporting participants in this work is about being myself in mutuality with others as we explore their awakening process together. I offer awakening knowledge and guidance as it arises in relation to their unfolding experience.

I appreciate the collective conscious mutuality and we-space practices I learned through the Evolutionary Collective led by Patricia Albere. Through intensive involvement as a core member over the two-year period 2016 and 2017, I experienced increasing enlivenment of my awakened nature, deepening realizations in the subtle nature of life, and experience and expression in the collective field of love.

I have a Bachelor of Art degree focussed on Creative Intelligence, Master’s Degree in Adult Education focused on Human Resource Development and Training, and post-secondary certification in Conflict Resolution focused on interest-based Negotiation and Mediation. I worked for over thirty years in the public sector in the areas of community development, human resource development, and individualized on-the-job training.

Interpersonal Evolution

As the father of four children, I have experienced tremendous richness, connection, and love, and I have been challenged and prodded in ways that required me to investigate and develop deep areas of myself not previously conscious.

My relationship with my children’s mother brought me love, acceptance and fullness that I had not known before, and yet it eventually thrust me into an experience of what I think of as “the dark night of my soul.” The agony and loss in that experience became a catalyst that moved me on a path toward my conscious embodied awakening.

In 2010 I came into love relationship with my beloved wife, Andrea. Our shared love in day to day life is a source of great joy and well-being in my life. This relationship has brought me gifts of fulfilling personal love, rich companionship, increased grounded wholeness, further recognition and integration of my finite nature, and great enrichment in living my life.

Expressing Evolution

During my early years as a Trillium Awakening teacher, I found myself discovering and sharing deepening realizations about the nature of awakened mutuality. I came to realize that whole being realization provides a ground of wholeness that offers and requires new principles of relating in awakened relationship. My discerning realizations became the theme and content of workshops I was offering in the United States and Australia. At a workshop in Canberra in 2013, Ralf Humphries, who was a participant in the event, requested to record my presentation on Awakened Mutuality. He later made a transcript of the recording and invited me to participate in editing it and adding content I felt was needed. With Ralf’s encouragement, editing background, and design skills, we used this material to produce a book of my teachings called “New Principles of Awakened Relationship”.

In 2017 I found myself being moved to create diagrams that would help me in my teaching role to express the nature of advancing whole being realizations that were emerging in my awakened life. This process eventually expanded to include describing stages of human evolution from Source to Source. It was a remarkably compelling and engaging project over an intensive period of 6 years from early 2017 through to early 2023. The content arose through whole being grace emerging in me as cognitions, revelations, and inspired expressions, to become the discriminative details I expressed in a broad range of graphic charts. I used these charts as the graphic components for the Whole Being Evolution Map™, for clarifying Whole Being Evolution Teachings, and as content for offering Whole Being Evolution teaching events. Throughout this process Ralf Humphries offered vital catalytic support through his awakened attention, discerning questions, and wise interactive companionship; Van Nguyen engaged with me in deep insightful conversations in advanced areas of the map; and, Francesca Blackstock co-created with me six online retreats that made a catalytic contribution to my final clarifications of the Map.

My Services

Transmitting a conscious embodied awakened condition.

Teaching approaches to directly realize infinite Being.

Coaching individuals to fall into all of who they are.

Mentoring awakened and awakening students.

Listening, sharing, and learning in mutuality.

Private sessions in person and by phone.

Group sittings and workshop offerings.


INDIVIDUAL SESSION FEE – $75 per hour, with a sliding scale to $45 per hour, selected by the student according to affordability and comfort. (New students may request a free half hour session.)

COUPLES SESSION FEE – $100 per hour, with a sliding scale to $60 per hour, selected by the couple according to affordability and comfort – a couples session is normally scheduled for 1.5 to 2 hours.


I warmly welcome you to explore the Trillium process and begin your personal exploration of conscious embodied awakening.