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Welcome Message

Hi. My name is Sharlotte. I am pleased to introduce myself to you. I currently live in a small  town outside of Boston, had a fulfilling 25-year career in the field of Health Care Finance, and  am now an at-home parent of two kids, one in college and the other in high school. Unlike many  folks I’ve met in TA, I have no history of having been a spiritual seeker. My spiritual journey only  really began about ten years ago. Prior to then, I lived a very competent and outwardly  successful life, but was always acutely aware of a deep void inside me. About ten years ago, I  experienced what was essentially a spontaneous spiritual opening, which started me on a path of  discovery. I ultimately found Trillium Awakening in 2013, and had my Whole Being Realization  in 2014.  

This last seven years has been a truly transformative time for me. I have been going through  deepening cycles of shadow work, followed by periods of ease and joy, followed by more  shadow work, etc. For the last couple of years, I’ve been feeling a true settling in, a lightness with  everything. Not that more isn’t still there! But I’m so much more at ease. 

I’ve found that for me, there is something catalytic about having another person fully present to  witness my unfolding, to cheer me on in my triumphs, to share in my heartbreak as I progress in  my healing. It has somehow helped me access depths in myself that I might not have been able  to see if on my own. Someone who is not there to give me advice or to fix me, but rather they  are simply present with me, deeply listening, deeply caring. This has been offered to me time  and time again in TA, and I now feel ready and a strong desire to in turn offer this to others. 

I think a big strength I can offer is that I’ve looked deeply inside myself, encountered excruciating  pain and fears, seen the worst of my survival patterns, and have emerged to feel huge  compassion and understanding for myself. I know all my parts are divine, and that all my survival  patterns are there to try to help me, no matter how shameful they may feel. I know the  incredible healing power of being able to hold myself, and know this to be true not just for  myself, but for all of us. 

I would be honored to be there for you as so many have been there for me. If you have an  interest in having mentoring sessions with me, please contact me via email, and we can explore if  we are a good fit. My very best wishes as you progress on your journey.